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The Fastest Weight Loss Diet In 8 Easy Steps

By Dan Beckwith

Losing weight doesn't have to take forever, here's the 8 simple steps that will create the fastest weight loss diet.

1 - Creating YOUR fastest weight loss diet is easy if you approach it on a one step at a time basis.

You can't make improvements in what you don't monitor. That is an axiom in business and is one in our weight loss efforts as well. If you don't know what and how much you are eating, how can you make the appropriate changes? Start a simple food diary and list everything you eat for a few days, that will give you all the data you need to start making changes.

Then, start easing back on the bad foods and easing in on the good ones. Done right, it doesn't have to be hard.

Next in our quest for the fastest weight loss diet is exercise. Stop groaning, I don't like it either, but you have to do it. Start off (one day at a time) easy. Maybe 10 - 15 minutes of low intensity walking. Than as you get in better shape, increase the intensity and duration. Start adding in other exercises and so on...

2 - Your fastest weight loss diet will be successful or not based on one thing. Whether you stick to it or not! It's far easier if you enjoy what you are doing, so pick foods and exercise activities that you like.

Food...check the glycemic index charts. The food is ranked by number and for the most part, the lower the number, the better it is for you. Trade out the foods you are eating now for ones with a lower number - but that you still like eating! Even a point or two difference is making progress and will add up.

The same ideas apply to exercise. Bored with mind numbing crunches and jogging? Try wildly dancing around the house! Wilder is better! Get your kids involved. You'll feel like an idiot and laugh the whole time. Tennis anyone?

3 - In addition to aerobic type exercise, to really boost your fastest weight loss diet into overdrive, start to build and tone your muscles.

Believe it or not, pound for pound, muscles burn more calories than fat. And, that's what we want! As an added bonus, muscles burn calories even when they are not being used! You can literally burn off pounds while you sleep or watch TV. Work out with weights and not only will you look and feel better, you'll really speed up your metabolism.

4 - Your body needs carbohydrates for energy. They get digested and turned into glucose - which is the "blood sugar" you keep hearing about. But, excess carbohydrates don't get burned, they get stored as fat. So, in your fastest weight loss diet you need to cut back. Substitute foods lower on the glycemic foods index and you will do fine.

5 - One of the biggest problems with people carrying through with their fastest weight loss diet is goal setting. Either they don't set a goal at all, which is a disaster, or they make their goals unrealistic. Either way is a killer. Choose goals you know you can attain and make them measurable by setting deadlines. Set short term AND long term goals.

In making lifestyle changes, it's not a contest. The size of the goal is far less important than the ability to stick with it. After all, it's better to comfortably lose a pound a week for a year, than it is to starve yourself and lose ten pounds in a week, then give up and regain it all, plus 15 more pounds to boot!

6 - It goes well beyond the scope of this article to explain why, but candy, sodas, cookies and other "empty calorie" foods are bad for you. I mean really bad and not just because they make you fat. If you want better health and success in your fastest weight loss diet, cut them out.

The good news is that when we cut these out of our diets, for most of us the pounds start melting away even if we do nothing else!

7 - Losing weight on the fastest weight loss diet requires that you keep your metabolism running at a high level. This means you need a good breakfast. The body recognizes this as having plenty of food and kick starts your metabolism. If you don't eat until later in the day, your body thinks it is starving and stores the calories as fat rather than burning them as energy. Your food should be eaten as early in the day as reasonable.

Most of your daily calories should be consumed as early as possible. No more midnight snacks.

8 - Heaven forbid that I should ever accuse our mothers of leading us astray, but they did. You've all heard it, "Clean your plate!" For success on the fastest weight loss diet, you've got to leave some behind. Portion control may be a challenge at first, but with practice it becomes automatic. Just like overeating did. Control the amount of and what goes into your body and weight loss will be no problem.

One day at a time...start using these tips and in not time you will realize that it truly is the fastest weight loss diet because the weight not only comes off but it stays off.

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