Friday, August 7, 2009

Panini Press

By Anthony Tripp

Everyone should own a panini maker. No matter where you live, there should be one of your kitchen countertop and it should get a lot of use. Even if you don't like panini sandwiches you can still use a panini maker as an indoor grill. There's tons of great food that you can make with a panini maker.

Whether you call if a panini press or a panini grill or a panini maker, it's still an appliance that you should start using. The act of heating up food and pressing it together between thick slices of hearty bread make for some great sandwiches. You'll be amazed at how even the most different ingredients blend together to create new and interesting flavors.

Using a panini maker isn't limited to heating up the panini sandwich itself, you can also grill the ingredients before you assemble the sandwich. How about making something with grilled onions? Toss them on the panini maker. Making sausage and pepper sandwiches? Both the sausage and the peppers can be cooked on a panini grill.

When buying a panini maker theres a couple of important features to keep in mind. First, removable dishwasher safe grill plates are a must have. Theyll make clean up a breeze. Second, if you plan on making greasy foods like hamburgers youre going to want a drip spout on the grill plates. Even better if the panini maker comes with a little cup to be used for catching grease from the drip spout. Third, a cool to the touch handle makes panini cooking much easier. Dont forget, youre goal is to press the sandwich together. And thats a little harder to do with a big pot holder on your hand. The cool touch handles make getting a little leverage and squashing your panini a lot easier.

No matter what you decide to cook you'll be happy that you bought a panini maker. It will probably become your favorite kitchen appliance even if you're not a big sandwich fan. And nothing beats a hot panini sandwich fresh off of a brand new panini maker.

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