Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Process Taken By Bread Machines To Bake Perfect Bread

By Chris Channing

Getting the taste of fresh bread is what compels many home owners to knead and bake their own bread. But know that you don't have to go through the process yourself- let technology do it! Bread makers today can make the best of the best when it comes to bread, and with no effort at all.

Baking bread once was an all-day affair. To make bread for an entire family, it wouldn't be a surprise if someone had to stick in the kitchen all day and make a job out of it. Today the bread makers that are available to use can do the work for us, and in a lot less time. Through the power of electricity, circuits, and smart chips, devices can make their own decisions on how to bake the bread so you don't have to.

The most strength-intensive part of making bread was once kneading it. Getting the dough to the right consistency involved a little elbow grease, as the dough's viscosity became increasingly harder to work with. Bread machines today will instead do the hard work for you and only require that you put in the ingredients in which it will knead. In the end you save effort and time and let technology take care of it.

We don't bake the bread just yet; we still have to rise the bread. Once this was done through applying heat to the dough by using the oven. Note that this is just an elevated temperature- it is certainly not baking the dough just yet. The bread maker should handle the rise of the bread automatically, as well as know when to start baking the bread that is now ready.

Finally we bake the bread by raising the temperature to its peak value of the process. Sadly, you will have to intervene here and tell the bread maker at what temperature to bake the bread and for how long. Because you could have greatly different types of dough and portions, this is a step that the cook has to do. Considering this is the final step until the process is over, this step shouldn't be too much of a nag to the cook.

Bread makers aren't as cheap as say, a toaster, but after seeing how much of the process they can streamline, this shouldn't come as a surprise. The bread makers of today can do a lot more than described as well, it all just depends on how much money you are willing to part with. The more money you decide to spend, the more bells and whistles you can expect to get with your bread maker.

Closing Comments

There are many types of bread makers available, as well as price tags to choose from. Check the Internet for retail stores that you can look at that will help you find a model that would do best for you, for a price you can afford, and a model that can feed your family with ease.

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