Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kitchen Redesign Options For A Big Impact

By Stacy Pollack

If you are trying to do a quick update or overhaul of your kitchen, there are several areas where you can get the most bang for your dollar. The kitchen is usually a central room in the house and visible from several different rooms. The color you paint your kitchen is, therefore, something that can make a big impact right away.

Kitchen colors might be different from what you might choose for the den, basement, or other rooms in the house. Since the kitchen is often visible from other rooms such as the dining and living room, the color you choose should flow with the colors for those rooms. Consider the color carefully because you dont want to have to repaint a second time because the color wasnt right.

Besides changing the paint color in your kitchen, the second thing that will bring the most impact is the flooring. When considering kitchen floor ideas, you need to choose the right surface that will be best for your needs. Not all kitchens will look right with a wood floor or a tile floor so you need to choose something that will be the right color and surface texture. Bigger kitchens might have a floor made out of wood that looks great when that same floor might look awful in a different kitchen.

Other than wood and tile, you can choose floor materials like stone, laminate, and granite. Laminate floors are common in older houses while wood and granite floors are quite rare but very nice when done in the right kitchen environment. Putting in a new kitchen floor is usually a big job but it is something that will make a big impact on the look of your kitchen and help greatly to modernize it.

Lighting also plays an important part in your kitchen and changing or upgrading the lighting can also make a big difference. Track lighting can be used to highlight parts of the kitchen and many homes have lights that hang down over the counters or island. These lights are similar to what you might find in a bar or nightclub and they make the kitchen look very modern. Ideally, you should have the lighting help show off the colors of your kitchen and they can work to give it a unique feel.

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