Monday, August 31, 2009

What Is Lurking In Your Acai Juice?

By Peter Marks

Acai berry juice has been around for quite a while and in recent years has become more popular. You owe it to yourself to give it a try if you have not tried it before. However, there are a few things or facts you should be aware of when you purchase this wonderful juice.

Acai has high amounts of antioxidants which are thought to help aide off illnesses and disease. Not only is it loaded with antioxidants it contains other essential elements that could be helpful to your body. Along with the antioxidants it also contains some essential fatty acids, fiber that can help with digestion and other trace vitamins and minerals.

Acai is found in the Amazon rain forest in the Amazon flood basin in a region around Brazil that covers a vast area. The local native tribes have known about acai for thousands of years and use it in their diet. Brazilians have enjoyed it in acai bowls, beverages and other foods in more recent times.

Similar in flavor to blueberry juice it has a flavor of its own. Acai mixes well with other juices such as grape, blueberry or pineapple. Acai is more expensive than most juices so it is usually best to mix your own blends.

When acai berry juice is watered down or mixed with other juices it can be found cheaper. Pure acai berry juice is more expensive because that is all it contains. Some brands may even be mixed with fillers or sugars.

When you buy acai berry juices consider a brand that is pure and 100% organic. Consider a brand that is kosher. If it is not on the label check out the company's website or e-mail them directly.

You may have questioned where you can find acai juice that meets these criteria. Your local health food store may have it but chances are you will easily find it online and at lower prices. You will find it much easier to find acai berry juice online.

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