Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wedding Cake Toppers - New Cool Trend

By Beattie Sharona

Wedding cake toppers were not as popular for weddings as they are today. More and more they are becoming as important as the wedding cake and are one of the fastest growing wedding gifts.

Once over, wedding cake toppers just used to be in the form of a generic bride and groom couple. Now, though a wedding cake topper can be custom made to the bride and groom's specifications which means the wedding cake is even more unique and unusual. Personalised wedding cake toppers that are constructed from sugar paste or clay can be crafted to look like copies of the happy couple even including their wedding day outfits. Grooms can be styled wearing kilts, military uniforms or their favourite football team kit! Brides can be made wearing their wedding outfits, veils and tiaras and even down to hair styles and the type and colour of flowers used in their bouquet.

They can even be themed around the time of year that they are getting married such as Christmas or Valentines Day or if it is a beach wedding in some far flung exotic location. Family members and beloved pets can be added for that extra special touch. Many of the more popular cake toppers seem to be funny and humourous to reflect the bride and groom's personalities.

Once the wedding cake is long gone a cake topper can be kept as a unique keepsake and memento of one of the most wonderful days a couple will ever have. 
A new trend that is only just catching on in 2010 is for a monogrammed wedding cake topper. This type of wedding cake decoration is believed to have been launched in the USA and very few British and European retailers seem to have them available yet! They are usually crafted from acrylic or brushed steel and all of the letters of the alphabet and some numbers are available. Monogram wedding cake toppers usually include the initials of the bride and groom i.e. M & P.

What makes them really special though is that they are hand decorated with Swarovski crystals in a choice of colours to match your wedding day theme. These crystal cake toppers really do create the wow factor sat on the top of your wedding cake to really add some bling!

There are wedding cake toppers to suit every taste and every budget!

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