Friday, August 14, 2009

4 Arm Fat Nutrition Mistakes

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

From the food industry's perspective, profit comes before your health. This is just the way it is. It seems as though they are conspiring against your arm fat mission. If only you could see the things I have unearthed during my career

You see, a very LARGE portion of what the food industry sells and markets is unacceptably unhealthy for the female body. Combine this with some bad food preparation habits and you have a recipe for arm fat meltdown.

And the central issue here is that most women in this deceiving day and age do NOT have the appropriate resources to find the nuggets of truth. You don't have 4 years of time and thousands in disposable income to get a degree in nutrition!

Thus, here are 4 big no no's when losing arm fat:

1. Overcooking food. If you cook it till it's blackened, then you're increasing your risk for colon cancer. Charring food is not healthy. Moreover, a lot of blackened foods (ribs, deep fried samplers) also contain an insane amount of calories.

2. Having lunch meat. Lunch meat is ultra convenient. Unfortunately, the convenience comes at a steep price: colon cancer. The nitrates found in most lunch meats are extremely unhealthy. There are far better sources of protein out there.

3. Consuming large amounts of low-calorie sweeteners. They are marketed as healthy and safe, yet they aren't. There hasn't been a single study showing the long-term safety of sweetener consumption. So for now only use these in absolute moderation. Period.

4. Water shock. Ok, what I'm referring to here is the all too common practice of only drinking water in single sittings. You see, in order to stay properly hydrated you have to drink small amounts of water in between meals throughout the entire day.

Your quest to lose arm fat should not involve sacrifices in health. The entire process should be as healthy as possible. After all, what's the point of getting toned arms if your increasing the risk profile of many diseases? Reaching sexy arm stardom can be a safe and short journey!

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