Monday, August 17, 2009

Restaurant Menu Covers

By Charles Effron

If you are one of the people who love eating out, you must have noticed a restaurant menu cover design at some point, and finding it attractive. You might have asked yourself, what makes a menu cover unique? How do the people who create them decide what to place inside? What attracts a customer like me to a menu cover? And is a menu really necessary in a restaurant?

If you are planning to start a restaurant, you should first think of your name, as well as the logo of your restaurant. Think of a design which will show the theme of your restaurant. Are you planning for a restaurant for the whole family? Make sure that the images you put inside will be appealing for people of different ages. A kid?s menu might also be a nice addition, as it will be exclusively for children, and which will be fun for them, making them feel special. Put fun images that are in different bright colours, to make it appealing for the children.

If you know how to design, you can go ahead and make your own logo. If you want a logo that looks professionally done but do not know how to create one, then you should see a professional. Make sure that you tell him or her what kind of logo you want, so that the designer can make one that is right for your restaurant. This might cost some money, so be prepared for it.

For your logo, make sure you discuss it with the professional; you can explain it in a detailed way, making sure that the professional designer will create the one you have in mind, or give the designer some facts about your restaurant, and have him come up with a design of his own. You can say whether your restaurant is formal or not, and what your target customers are. You can also specify the colours you would want to use.

Keep in mind that all restaurant menu covers are different, except for the title and logo, so make sure that you are making one that is unique, and not just a poor copy of some other restaurant?s. Think of it as a good investment; a logo that will catch people?s attention will draw customers in your restaurant.

For your menu cover?s design, the background colour is usually light, so that the text that you will put inside will be easily read and seen. If you want a darker background, your text should then be light coloured, or plain white. Make sure the pictures you wish to put inside are sharp in detail, as poor ones make bad and sloppy designs. Your text must not be too big or small; they should be nig enough to be read easily, but not to occupy a lot of space.

Remember not to put too much design and text in your menu cover, as you do not want your customers confused about what to order. Put just enough text, as your menu cover is for ordering food, not a literary piece. Putting descriptions of food may be nice, but most customers just want to order their food right away without getting into the details. Images of food may be good for customers who love trying new things.

A menu cover?s purpose is to help customers order the food they want. Make it unique and creative to reflect your restaurant?s specialties, but make it serve its purpose as well.

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