Sunday, August 30, 2009

4 Reasons Why Arm Flab And High Carb Diets Don't Mix

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

Picking the right diet for losing arm flab can be extremely frustrating. Why? Because there is so much marketing hype that the truth has become hidden amongst all the lies.

I'm pretty sure you're having a challenge finding the perfect diet

If you are, don't worry. I suspect many women are in your exact same situation. I remember when I used to get so frustrated with all the different diets out there.

Thus, here is why you shouldn't go high carb to lose arm fat:

1. Sugar overdose. Being around lots of carbs means being around lots of sugar in one form or another. And if you have a sugar addiction you should definitely stay away from high carb eating. After all, once you start having sugar it will be very hard to stop.

2. Reduced insulin effectiveness. If your body gets too many carbs at once, it will become insulin resistant. This horrible state makes it hard for muscles to absorb nutrients. And if your muscles aren't absorbing nutrients then your arm fat is.

3. Massive hunger spikes. If you do not eat a LARGE amount of vegetables when going high carb expect some major hunger swings. Why? Because carbs will drive your blood sugar levels up and then down.

4. Very slow arm flab loss. If you want toned arms now and not later, then this diet is not for you. With high carb intakes, weight loss comes at a slow crawl.

Now high carb diets can work for some women. Who? Those with fast metabolisms and no insulin resistance. How can you tell if you're insulin resistant? Look at your stomach. If it's disproportionately large compared to your other body parts, then you may be insulin resistant. Insulin resistance increase visceral fat, the fat that is around the organs in your stomach.

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