Sunday, September 27, 2009

Acai The Chocolate Berry

By Max Wilson

There is a magic little berry that is gaining in popularity around the world " the acai berry. The taste of this small, deep purple berry's juice lies between chocolate and the wild berries. Although, it doesn't just taste great. This super fruit as been credited for giving many health benefits, healthy heart to insulin control.

What better way to good health than to just take some juice every day? Or if juice is not your thing then you can take it in a pill or capsule form. There is even a freeze dried variety and also a pulp. Whichever method fits into your daily routine, there is a product that will suit your style.

Many people reported that after intaking acai berry juice they regained energy. Indeed, in its country of origin " Brazil " it has been called the 'Viagra of Brazil' because of all its benefits. Perhaps one of the most important aspects of taking this supplement is the unique blend of vitamins and amino acids. People who are getting older have less ability to absorb specific vitamins. Inflammation will cause aches and pains in their joints and tissues, thus aging the patient with premature stiffness and painful joints.

The acai products actively encourage and give the ability to reverse that process. Taking the right oil containing omega 3 is beneficial for joints and promotes uptake of oil in the body. Joints become more supple and pain is reduced or eliminated altogether.

Drug dependence has decreased in diabetics, as a result of this product. After a brief period their insulin levels go down and stabilize which indicates they can decrease the medicine they take.

Additional health benefits includes muscle regeneration. The muscle that works the hardest in the human body is the heart. Perhaps it deserves a treat? Add to this the anti-aging aspects of juice and you have a 'super' food which should be tried and tested.

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