Friday, September 11, 2009

How To Make Garlic Sauce At Home

By Ferdinand Emy

Garlic sauce is a very common marinade and dipping sauce, employed in many cuisines around the world. As garlic is so versatile, you can utilize it in white cream sauces, paired with mayonnaise as a dipping sauce and employed as a marinade for meat dishes of all types. Garlic sauce also partners well with manage vegetables.

Basic Ingredients for Garlic Cream Sauces

Butter Onion, finely chopped Garlic, crushed Dry White Wine Salt and Pepper Flour Milk Herbs

Basic Ingredients for dipping Garlic Sauce

Garlic Mayonnaise Vegetable Oil Lemon juice Salt

Selection of Ingredients:

When you are choosing which ingredients to utilize with your garlic sauce, it is propose that you employ fresh ingredients. Garlic in oil and other already chopped garlics tend to have a diverse flavor than fresh garlic. This can dramatically transform the taste of your dish. You must similarly treat already prepared garlic carefully, as it may be dangerous to your health if not stored as directed on the label.

Preparation: 5 to 10 minutes

All ingredients should be chopped and organized prior to making sauce. This is especially needed in the case of cream sauces, as timing is more vital than with a standard dipping sauce.

Cooking Time (Cream Sauce): 30 minutes to 1 hour Mixing Time (Dipping Sauce): 5 minutes

Cooking Instructions (Cream Sauce):

The diverse variances of garlic sauce are cooked in different manners. The same applies to cream sauces. Depending on the recipe you employ, you may expend more or less time cooking. As with any cream sauce, it is vital to don't forget that you take your time. Cream sauces are delicate and require low heat and cooking for a lengthier duration so that the milk doesn't curdle. Follow the recipes you utilize warily, as this will ensure your garlic sauce comes out with the proper flavor and texture.

Mixing Instructions (Dipping Sauce):

Garlic sauce for dipping is as simple as it gets. Simply combine in a bowl, combine well, and refrigerate when done. The order of mixing is pliable. As a great deal of garlic dipping sauce is to accommodate tastes, you should sample the sauce frequently to ensure you are accomplishing the correct flavor.


Garlic sauce is utilized for a diversity of things. It is ofttimes utilized as a dip for vegetables, cooked meats and chips. It's commonly employed as a marinade for both white and dark meats. Some people even utilise garlic sauce as a base for pasta sauces, such as garlic Alfredo.

Wine based garlic sauces are constant employed as a pasta sauce, as the flavor is vibrant without being as heavy as an Alfredo or similar white sauce. As garlic pairs well with many things, it is common base for numerous dishes.

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