Saturday, September 19, 2009

Outdoor Cooking Pointers: Great But Simple

By Wendy Racklave

Outdoor cooking is challenging in itself. More so if you are not equipped with the things you need. Great tasting meals can and will be enjoyed for the period of your trip with these simple advice.

Recipes: Ask any experienced outdoor cook for some tips before you go and the first one they will give you is to collect your recipes and plan your meals ahead of time. This is imperative due to the fact that a quantity of recipes aren't easily made outdoors. Outdoor cooking recipes must be straightforward to prepare without the need for special equipment you would find in the kitchen.

Ziploc Bags: Food storage bags are another great tool to use for straightforward meal preparation. Precutting all your ingredients before you go eliminates the need to clean up a mess at the campground. To make it even easier you can try utilizing big storage bags to hold all the ingredients for each recipe.

Coolers: Meals would be fairly boring if you could only utilize shelf stable foods, so don't forget to bring the cooler to keep all those ingredients fresh. Meats, fruits and veggies must be kept cool to prevent spoiling. Coolers also work well for storing leftovers from previous meals. Merely toss leftovers in storage bags and throw them on ice.

Foil Packets: Cooking with foil packets sounds easy enough due to the fact that it is. All you require to do is put all your ingredients in one packet and lay on the fire for hassle free cooking while you spend time doing other things. Imaginative cooking sees no end with this technique because pretty much anything can be utilized for a fun new meal. It is really recommended to use heavy duty foil however to prevent accidents.

Snacks: Camp cooks everywhere know that everyone gets extremely hungry after all the walking, fishing and other outdoor fun. Be smart and take along snacks so you won't have to cook all the time to keep everyone happy. Snacks should be healthy and offer lots of energy so everybody can hold out until its time for a meal. Perishable snacks for instance fruits and vegetables work great providing you didn't forget to bring the cooler. Nuts and trail mix are other tasty choices as well.

Cooking outdoors is fun and exhilarating provided that you are ready for it. Make it an adventure in itself and try new things in this different setting.

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