Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eat Spaghetti The Right Way

By Jack Jones

Do you think you know how to eat spaghetti? You're probably wrong. Let me tell you how to eat spaghetti.

So, what are the table manners when you are eating spaghetti? The very first rule is to keep your hands on the table and your elbows off of the table. Definitely be sure to wait for everyone to be served before starting to eat your spaghetti. The most common mistake is to overload too much pasta on the fork and this leads to only bad things. If you decide its too big or too long, drop it down and pick up a smaller bite of spaghetti. Do not use your spoon to roll the noodles and never bite off the excess and let it fall back into your bowl. You can bite off spaghetti and put it back into your bowl all you want, at home.

Common mistakes when eating spaghetti: Dont slurp your food or make any weird noises...probably no reason to make any weird noises when eating. Obviously, dont splatter. Spaghetti can sometimes splatter the sauce. So be careful, but dont wear a napkin as a bib unless you are a small kid. Avoid spaghetti for large or formal parties. Short pasta (rigatoni, penne, etc) are much easier to serve and to eat. Don't eat spaghetti on a first date, unless you don't care what he or she may think.

Spaghetti are served in a piatto fondo a deep bowl like a shallow soup-dish with a rim. Make room at the front of the bowl pushing the spaghetti a little toward the center. Take a little bunch of the spaghetti with the prongs of the fork. Push it against the front side. Roll up and enjoy.

Put your fork in a vertical position with the prongs against the rim of the bowl, twirl the fork clockwise with your fingers to roll the spaghetti around your fork. Make sure you have a nice tight roll of the spaghetti on your fork. Raise the fork with the spaghetti wrapped around above the bowl, and measure the length with your eyes. Make sure you are eating at the same pace as everybody else. It's embarrassing to finish really early and have everybody still eating.

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