Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beverage with a revolution - Blast Cap

By Anker Arkady

The term Blast Cap sure sounds like an explosive device. The name Blast Cap was derived from the popping sound that it makes when you mix up the beverage. Blast Cap beverages are free from preservatives and provide vitamins and nutrients that rival Sport & Fitness drinks, Energy & Diet drinks, Children & Adult Vitamin waters and much more.

Blast Cap has earned its place in the bottled beverage industry through its advanced technology. Not only are Blast Caps an innovative product; it is fortified with nutrients. Through the process of infusion, nutrients are instilled in the liquid. The ingredients are stored in the cap; this is an original innovation and a Blast Cap first.

Worldwide, efforts to combat Global Warming are being made; we only have one Earth and we have nowhere else to go. Factories of different sectors are constantly looking for means to make production of goods and commodities that are less hurtful to the environment. Most of Solid Waste is not biodegradable and plastic bottles are a big bulk of it.

Blast Cap technology has its efforts on aiding the environment in a unique way. The technology that Blast Cap uses dismisses the need for bottles that are hot-filled; since it is not a pre-mixed beverage; cold-fill bottles are utilized. This technology makes it environment-friendly since it reduces solid plastic waste.

Blast Caps does not need any harsh chemical preservatives; they are all natural, guaranteed. Do you think those health drinks that have been on the shelf for months at a time are still fresh? This main trait makes it one of the freshest beverages in any category; you decide when you want to infuse and drink.

Wouldn't it be great if we had a drink that doesn't expire? It would be nice to see our shelf stacked with drinks that we can get whenever were thirsty and not have to worry about it being expired or not. Kids especially tend to grab a drink when they're thirsty and don't read the expiry date; expired beverages are harmful for our health and may lead to food poisoning.

All beverages come with a limited shelf life; simply put, it needs to be consumed within a period of time. Blast Caps however, though free from preservatives, have an infinite shelf life. This is another breakthrough in beverage technology; no need to worry about your kids grabbing that Blast Cap on the shelf because it will always be safe.

At present, there is no available beverage in the market that has the potential to compete with Blast Caps. A single bottle of Blast Cap contains all the nutritional supplements that are found in other products in the market. Blast Cap holds the maximum nutrient value which is not found in any other drink.

Blast Cap has what it takes to help you in attaining a healthier lifestyle. Everyone could enjoy the benefits of Blasts Caps; its so easy to activate and infuse that even kids can do it and would add a coolness factor for them. Blast Cap technology has presented us a brand new way of taking in our vitamins and supplements.

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