Sunday, September 13, 2009

Updated - Extreme Slimming

By Scott Edwards

When assessing weight problems, the medical profession refer to our Body Mass Index. A healthy index is anywhere between eighteen and a half and twenty five. If it's any higher, then we're too heavy for our height. Furthermore we're defined as obese and morbidly obese respectively if we rise above first thirty and then forty.

To work out your own index - Use a metric rule to measure your height. Then record your weight in kilograms. Your height should be multiplied by itself, then divide that figure by your weight.

To illustrate: you are 1.65m in height, so take 1.65 x 1.65 and you get 2.72. You weigh 82 kilos, so it's 82 / 2.72 which is 30.15. The above illustration plainly shows that with those stats you would be designated obese.

If we persist with eating fatty and sugary calorie-laden food, we'll never get a grip on our weight management. We can lower our fat reserves (and therefore our weight) if we trim down our portion sizes and stick to more natural foodstuffs.

Diets that make claims to crash your weight are not recommended - they're unhealthy and unsustainable. So stay away from programs that restrict males to 1,400 daily calories and females to 1,000. Radical weight reduction can result, but it's usually very short-lived!

Long-term weight reduction takes time. But if you just knocked 500 cals off your current daily intake, the results would start to show over time. So not the un-realistic promises fed to you from the instant remedy brigade, but a real solution to help you stay out of the danger zones.

Fat-laden food tends to contain the highest calories. So the easiest way to drop the calories is by cutting out fatty food. Instead, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and increase the amount of whole grains in your diet. You'll soon start to notice the health benefits associated with this change.

Avoid skipping meals - this really doesn't help with calorie reduction. By the afternoon, you'll be so hungry you might be tempted by chocolate or crisps. A number of lighter meals throughout the day is better in reality. Leaving yourself constantly hungry makes weight loss less likely. But eating frequent nutritious small amounts is the best way to fuel an efficient weight loss process.

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