Monday, September 28, 2009

Buying A BBQ Grill For Outdoor Entertaining

By Franklin Greyklon

When the chill of winter is over and spring days begin to warm, it is time to pull out the BBQ grill for some great food. If you do not already have one, then consider buying a BBQ grill.

In purchasing a BBQ grill, you need to know what type of fuel that you would like to use to cook with. Propane grills are easy to use, give even heat and are portable. Most of the newer grills have done away with lava rock and now use either metal or ceramic to distribute the heat and avoid flareups.

If your home is equipped with natural gas, you may want to consider a natural gas grill. Natural gas is much less expensive than propane and you never run out in the middle of cooking your dinner. The disadvantage of natural gas is that it is not portable like propane.

Charcoal grills have been around for many years. Some of the disadvantages include difficulty in lighting and uneven heating. The grills can be very inexpensive or cost as much as a gas grill depending on the size and the materials of which the grill is made. These grills give the option of cooking with charcoal or hardwood fuel. Many of the hardwoods offer great flavor for your foods.

Some charcoal grills are also smokers. This indirect slow heat is a great way to tenderize tough cuts of meats. It is also an excellent way to prepare fish or poultry.

Using a BBQ grill is an excellent way to keep cooking heat outside of the house during the summer. The family can also choose to dine outside to enjoy cool summer evening breezes. This will greatly increase the living space of your home.

For many years we limited what we cooked on BBQ grills to meats, usually beef and occasionally pork or chicken. Now we have learned that many vegetables will cook up very nicely on the grill. If you want your veggies steamed, wrap them tightly in aluminum foil with a couple of tablespoons of water. Throw that packet onto the grill along with the steak or chicken for the perfect steamed vegetables. Vegetables can also be cooked directly on a clean grill with great results.

If you are looking for a quick marinade for veggies or meats on the grill, try using Italian dressing. The mixture of oil and vinegar makes for tender meats that are moist and the seasonings add a great flavor.

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