Friday, September 18, 2009

Easy Gourmet cooking and its benefits

By Ty Williams

There are plenty of fresh ideas which will help you to spice up your meals everyday which will help you to avoid getting tired of the same menu in dinner time everyday. With little effort you could make your meal to be presentable as gourmet cooking. If you are willing to spend sometime and action it is very easy to become a gourmet cook. It doesn't require so much of experience and money. You might need a good easy going knife, some basic equipment like pots and pans, some nice platters and the other basic stuff which you most probably are having in your kitchen.

Many Americans have taken to Gourmet cooking as a favorite pastime. Many Americans are finding it extremely difficult to spend money on eating out, and lately it has become a luxury since the country is going into recession. Most of the Americans are creating their own special meals at home in their own kitchen instead of visiting a restaurant. It is no secret to learn the art of Gourmet cooking. Many of the cables and TV programs are always broadcasting some programs by some of the world?s most famous chefs. You can watch the item carefully and remember it or record it for future use. There are plenty of cook books in the library which are easy with their illustrated pages and step by step recipe

The ingredients are your main building blocks for a meal and as such should be high quality and most of all fresh. You should consider buying fresh alternatives to ingredients you would have otherwise bought in cans, or pre processed and packaged. Fresh fruits and vegetables make such a difference in the taste of a meal. For example, freshly squeezed lemons are a better alternative to lemon juice in a bottle.

Skinless chicken breasts or salmon can be good protein additions. Food staples like Rice, pasta and shredded cheese should be stored and available in all kitchens along with frozen vegetables like broccoli, green beans or spinach which might be helpful greatly in cooking thus known as the gourmet cook?s best friend. When you think of adding flavor and depth to the taste the best things that come to mind are Fresh herbs, onions, garlic and shallots.

It shouldn't take much work, and with a little practice you will soon be able to start making meals that will be wonderful experiences for your friends and loved ones. Gourmet meals don?t have to be overly complicated either, something all it takes is simple, fresh ingredients to create a memorable meal that rivals some of your favorite restaurants.

A lot of gourmet recipes require you to saut? ingredients. Chefs agree that the best way to achieve this is to first heat the pan before adding the ingredients, which should be broken up into similar sized pieces. This way you can ensure that your ingredients cook evenly, and are more presentable.

Presentation of the dish is as much important in gourmet cooking as preparing. A good presentation will make the food more delicious and appetizing. An attractive presentation will be appetizing since it will look great for the eyesight. Plain white platters are usually recommended. These kinds of platters will enable the food to be on the limelight. Garnishing is also important. This is usually done with parsley, cheese, or mushrooms. This will surely create an impression on your family and friends.

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