Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Cooking With The Ingredients I Have

By Mike Sasaki

I usually find myself thinking "What Can I Cook With The Ingredients I Have"? Typically, I think of this on a weekday afternoon after a brutal day at work. I know that 2 hours in the kitchen is going to lead to a huge feeling of stress and after I'm done cooking, it'll be another 30 minutes of dishes and then off to bed. Not a great way to live!

The internet has helped many people with day to day tasks and with the invention of hundreds of recipe websites, making dinner has just gotten easier. However, it's still tempting to just leave work and head to the fast food line.

Ultimately, this will lessen your stress and improve your overall health. Let's face it, most times you decide not to spend 2 hours in the kitchen and pick up fast food on the way home. As we all know, fast food is high in fat and sodium and has little nutritional value, so by using these recipe websites you'll find that you will end up saving more money, improving your health and removing the stress related to cooking for hours and hours.

Let's just say that you are committed to saving the earth and living 'green', you definitely want to use up all of your groceries. Usually, I purchase a lot of groceries and end up using half an onion or 3/4 of a loaf of bread. With these same recipe websites found on the internet, you can find recipes that will help you use up all of your leftovers. This will definitely help eliminate any food waste and less trash to throw away each week. You will feel great because you are eating healthy and you will find yourself with more money at the end of the month.

Check out the hundreds of recipe websites on the internet. Most are pretty helpful and some have unique features about them. You really have no excuse not to cook. Good luck!

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