Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All You Need To Know About Monavie

By Jonathan Budd

Acai berry is one fruit that has proved to be highly efficient when it comes to reduce weight. This fruit has created a revolution in the weight loss treatment. It has such nutritional values that it is prescribed by doctors all over the world.

When it comes to Mona vie, it is just nutritional beverage prepared by blending some amount of acai pulp with its puree with the fresh concentrates of the juice. The company that is producing this beverage is called as Mona Vie.

There have been many discussions going on recently about the genuineness of the Mona Vie. Mona vie fraud is the talk of the day. All over the world of web, there are many success stories that are making rounds and thus it makes hard to believe Mona vie is a fraud.

Some of the success stories behind Mona vie said that it is one of the best drinks that most of the people have ever used. An initial stage of this drink was comfortable. As the time passed on, people started to consume more of this beverage and they felt that their minds are relaxed and even had the feel of rejuvenation of their minds as well. There were signs of diluting the pain and increased energy. As the testimonials to the Mona vie success, all these stories could be considered.

Due its benefits and nutritional values that it had promised, the beverage had to face lots of controversies even though it could win over many people. Through out 2007 and 2008, manufacturer and the distributors of the product had to face lawsuits.

It was disheartening to see the income generated by the Mona Vie. Distributors were in the world of shock, as they could not retrieve the money that they had spent to distribute the product. Some measures were taken by the distributors to expand their business of distributing the Mona Vie. The distributors were totally engaged in this distribution of this beverage by contacting various people to sell the products. In order to distribute and market the products well, some of the distributors even organized get-togethers and parties. Nothing favourable happened to the people worked in spite of all the hard work. In fact, the distributors lost all the invested money.

The whole idea of calling up people you know and making them taste Mona Vie, also convincing them to buy it was a strategy that was laid by Brig Hart. Most people have criticized this particular act of his. Brig Hart Monavie has a lot to deal with the failure stories of most of the investors and distributors.

Mona Vie was liked by a lot of people, whereas the other dealt with the brickbats. Mona Vie has a mixed set of reviews all across and the controversies never stopped following it. Some people where happy with its taste and benefits, the other kept on crying about the loss that they had to face. Mona Vie complaints are based on the fact that none of nutritional benefits have been clinically proven.

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