Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chocolate Gift Baskets: How Sweet it is

By Kevin Lance

When it comes to the palate, a chocolate is definitely sweeter than a kiss. But when it comes to emotions, a passionate kiss is more pleasant than this succulent sweet. Not anymore! Researchers found out that melting chocolate in your mouth heightens the brain more than the act of kissing itself. So it may better to start packing chocolate gift baskets for your loved one today, since its now proven that chocolates give better pleasure both to the tongue and to the brain.

British couples in their 20s were the focus of a study that compared the emotions triggered by melting chocolate on the mouth versus passionate kiss on the lips. Electrodes measuring the heart rate and brain activity were attached to the subjects, and then they were given treats from chocolate gift baskets containing 60% cocoa.

The results of the chocolate treats were recorded. Then the scientists measured the results while the subjects received a passionate kiss. After the results were tallied, the chocolate actually ranked higher than the kiss, by a large margin. A large margin resulting in sense of excitement that was heightened four times greater and longer than kissing. The stimulus to the brain was also more intense from the chocolate.

The researchers attribute the results of the study to the substances found in everyday chocolate gift baskets. Needless to say, it is not surprising that chocolates are one of the most popular gifts to give to loved ones, but to know that the effects of chocolate are actually stronger than a kiss is extraordinary.

Substances, such as phenyl ethylamine, are responsible for the rise in endorphins which are actually the pleasure hormones of the brain. Chocolates also contain caffeine, a powerful stimulant. Theo bromine, another substance abundant in cocoa, also causes mood-elevating effects. Furthermore, serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter, also increases. This is due to tryptophan, a serotonin precursor, abundant in chocolates.

The scientists also found that if you want to achieve a greater sense of pleasure, don't just eat and swallow those chocolate gift basket treats. Take time to let them melt in your mouth and you may attain a longer bliss that could even outlast the sensation brought about by a long passionate kiss.

Although chocolates are good for you, you should remember that they should be enjoyed in moderation.

With this discovery, chocolate gift baskets will definitely stay as a lovers favorite present for a much longer time. But be reminded that a simple kiss is always best when it comes to showing how much you love your partner. In the meantime, chocolate gift baskets can be good alternatives -- just be sure not to over love them, because the world is not yet ready to see a chocolate and a person get married.

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