Saturday, September 26, 2009

Everyday Regimens and Health-drinks

By Anker Arkady

How many bodies do you have? I don't know about you, but last time I checked I only had one. It's impossible to go to the store and buy a new one if we were not able to take care of it. There's simply no substitute for regular exercise and a good balanced diet. You'll lose your health if you don't take care of it.

The market will always have the latest fad in health and fitness. And honestly, I'm getting bored of having to follow all those trends. I have had enough. The information that we see are sort of like influencing us to mix and match exercises with diets with vitamins with supplements with health drinks. Exercise is required, no question about that. Other than that, are the others mentioned basic needs?

Let's talk bare essentials here. The human race seemed to be doing fine before those supplements and health drinks came out. In other parts of the world, I bet they don't even care about those as long as they get to do their exercise and eat right. And they seem to be doing fine. Others even have longer life expectancy.

But hey, there are people who want to have the exercise plus supplements plus health drink lifestyle and they're doing pretty fine too. And there's nothing wrong with it either as long as you're happy or you're getting results. I have been through both lifestyles. So which do I choose? Well, I can say that I'm kind of right in the middle of it all. It's not a safe answer if you'd just let me explain.

Exercising is part of my daily routine; no excuses period. However, I might want to add some aid to get me closer to my goals in fitness. So after a nice cardio exercise, a nice health drink would be like adding cherry on top. As much as possible, I'd like to have my drink fresh. And I'd like to be able to drink it immediately.

So when I saw Yoli Blast Caps, I was interested in the beverage in an instant. That fact that it is not pre-mixed caught my attention. Meaning, I get to mix it just before I drink the beverage. It couldn't simpler: the ingredients are stored in the cap. And they stay in the cap until you release them to infuse the liquid. By the way, infusing the liquid looks cool and space-age like.

Activation is the process of infusing the liquid with the ingredients. Well, at least that's what they call it. Three simple steps: activate, shake and drink. Great innovation: simple yet very effective. This alternative to having health drink is really a welcome addition in the beverage industry. As a consumer, I get hyped up to see new and innovative products such as Yoli Blast Caps.

So, to top off my daily cardio, I can have a freshly activated drink. Once in a while, a brilliant product like Yoli Blast Caps comes to the market. I keep asking myself, why hadn't I thought about it in the first place? Blast, shake and drink everyone!

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