Sunday, September 27, 2009

Italian Espresso Makers Make The Best Tasting Cup Of Coffee

By Albert Blue

How do you like your morning cup of coffee? Do you take cream, sugar or espresso. If your answer is espresso, you know that an ordinary coffee maker will not work. You need to choose from the available espresso coffee machines for your favorite morning cup.

Some inexpensive electric espresso machines can be purchased in the thirty to fifty dollar range.

These inexpensive espresso machines use steam power to force the hot water through the coffee grounds. There is a sealed chamber that the water is placed in. As steam pressure builds the water is forced out and through the grounds that have been tightly packed. True espresso lovers say that the water is not forced through the grounds in a steam machine with enough pressure to produce a cup of true espresso.

One great feature of many of the inexpensive machines is that they have a steam wand that allows milk to be both frothed and warmed for lattes.

If you want a pump driven espresso machine that makes a more consistent coup of espresso, you will need to pay at least one hundred fifty dollars. Prices can be found up to five thousand dollars for some home espresso machines. These machines force heated steam through the filter containing the coffee grounds at the right pressure for a true espresso.

If you are purchasing the more expensive machine and steaming milk is important to you, be sure that the machine you choose has this feature, as several of this type of machine do not offer the option.

For a true Italian cup of espresso, stovetop models are inexpensive and readily available in the United States. Water is placed in the lower portion of the pot, coffee placed in the filter and the whole pot is placed on any type of stove for heating. The process takes about three to five minutes and users swear that you cannot tell the difference between stovetop espresso and the expensive pump models.

If you decide to go with a stovetop model, remember that espresso cups are very small, only 1. 5 to 2 ounces each. Otherwise, you may buy a nine cup espresso maker expecting it to have a pot the size of your Mr. Coffee and find that it only holds about one large coffee mug of espresso.

The cheapest of the stovetop espresso machines had the largest number of complaints. They are often made in PRC and replacement parts are not available, even though they often break. Many purchasers of these cheap models, found that the replacements they made with better stovetop espresso machines would last from ten to fifteen years.

All users of espresso coffee making machines agree that a food coffee bean is the key to a great cup of espresso. If there is a coffee roaster in your hometown, buy freshly roasted beans there to take home to make your espresso. Coffee beans start to loose quality as soon as the roasting process is ended, and are best when used within one week of roasting.

Do not buy beans in large quantities unless you make large amounts of espresso every day. Coffee beans are best when used within a week after roasting and ground fresh for each brewing of coffee.

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