Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nice Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies

By Martin Soussa

Batches of chocolate chip cookies that have just come from the oven provide pleasure to many. Many of us have fond memories from our childhoods of the aroma of freshly baked cookies filling up the house. It seemed to many of us that the cookies took forever to make their sojourn from the oven to the counter top. Its a fact that these cookies are great to eat at any time of the day.

It is true that chocolate chip cookies summon warm feelings and memories, making them a typical comfort food. These cookies coming in different textures and flavors are not at all rare. The banana chocolate chip cookie and cherry flavored cookies are two favorites among fruit lovers. Chocolate lovers will delight over double chocolate chip cookies and white chocolate chip cookies.

Somewhere along the way, a delightful soul came up with the idea to add oatmeal to the mix, and there is no denying that tastes wonderful. Many people also add pieces of mint, raisins, candy bars, or espresso beans to spice up their chocolate chip cookies. For those that need still additional flavor, they can use m&ms, walnuts, peanuts, macadamia nuts, and additional chunks of chocolate.

Gourmet chocolate chip cookie bars and chocolate chip cookie pie are two alternatives that you might enjoy. People with particular special dietary needs can enjoy these home baked cookies without much worry. Whether you need to eat whole wheat or cut out the wheat, cut out the eggs or cut out all the meat, or if you just want to have simple low fat cookies, there are recipes for your type of chocolate chip cookies online.

So now that you have learned the different ways you can enjoy the chocolate chip cookie, I hope you find the right type for you!

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