Thursday, September 10, 2009

Losing Weight - Losing 20 Pounds Now - Uncovered

By Scott Edwards

Some people just seem to find life easy, and bounce from one accomplishment to another. Whereas there are also those who live at the other end of the spectrum, and make a mess of everything they do. So we have the victorious and the victimised - and they can generally be differentiated by their attitudes.

When embarking on a slimming regime, it's critical to take on the outlook of the victor to get your result. A victim will try half-heartedly to lose weight - never actually believing they'll be slim. The victors mentally commit to a successful outcome, and support their actions with feeling.

Take two tennis players about to play for a championship. One says "It's my last go - I'll give it my best efforts," but the other one says "Winning is EVERYTHING to me." Who do you think is taking the cup home with him?

'Oar' can be used to describe a victor who paddles his way to the winning post. O is for ownership, A is for accountability and R is for responsibility. We can define the victim by the word BED (Blame, Excuses and Denial) - a person who stays in bed and gives up.

The victor 'owns' his own tasks, and doesn't hope for someone else to take the lead. He's liable for his actions, and so he takes account of them (seeing things through by dealing with problems not making problems). He's responsible for the results of his actions, and so doesn't take excuses from himself.

The victim can always come up with a reason for not accomplishing something, and it's hardly ever to do with him. Mistakes or short-comings are always transferred on to a third party. Justifications are always made for why he couldn't perform well - but inevitably he's the only one who's convinced! The pattern of blaming others and making excuses leads to an existence of absolute denial. The victim is then sure beyond doubt that he can do nothing about his lot.

A person about to start a new slimming program should stack the odds of success in their favour by giving themselves a mental check-over. Anyone who's a fully paid up member of the victim society will have to address their issues before they start, to truly embrace the concept of losing weight.

Continual positive repetition will change a victim's attitude to that of a victor. Pay attention to what you're saying to yourself - if you sound like a victim, then stop dead! Instead, mentally verbalise why you can be successful. Nobody else is superior to you - some have just conquered their victimisation thinking and achieved their success.

"There is no such thing as a hero, only those who rise to the occasion". Those were the words of Winston Churchill, and they're just as valid today. We have to have the mind-set of a winner in order to achieve the weight we want ourselves to be.

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