Friday, September 25, 2009

Fresh Insights - How Can I Lose Thirty Pounds Naturally

By Scott Edwards

Fat Loss Is An Alarming Issue - You should recognize that in addition to being the problem for millions that it is - it's also a business. And the temptation for weight loss companies to cash in on the nation's obesity problem is huge - as the annual spend on diet products runs into billions.

OK, How Large Has This Got? Maybe you're not classed as obese, but you're probably somewhat overweight if you're reading this. Statistics taken recently suggest that weight issues are a problem for around seventy per cent of Americans. Put another way, that's 210 millions! And many other countries will shortly have a similar situation. But we don't want this to happen!

It's thought that in Britain alone, around one quarter of over 18's are obese, which equates to a minimum of thirty to forty pounds overweight. Future predictions look even worse... The current figure of 25 percent could reach 90 percent by 2050.

But we can do something about it! There isn't anyone who wants it to carry on like this. Easy to follow information is what's needed. We shouldn't have to spend a fortune on diet products.

It's a well known fact that obesity can lead to many major problems - Type two diabetes; mental health problems; high blood pressure; heart disease & heart failure; cancer; liver disease; osteoarthritis and high cholesterol. This illustrates that we don't just need to lose weight so that we can look more attractive.

Losing the pounds doesn't have to mean getting STICK THIN! You just need to aim for the right weight for you. Although that's going to be different for each of us, we should look to maintain a comfortable weight for our height.

When we have a family, we need to consider how they can learn to eat well. It's our responsibility as the adults in the house to help our children adopt sensible habits where diet is concerned. The odds are on that our children will grow to be obese if we don't change things now. Who wants to be that kind of benefactor?

So not to put too fine a point on it - we have to become more nutritionally aware before the problem gets any bigger. We're all very influenced by each other, so once you've mastered a lifestyle of healthy eating, those around you will take note. Just think of the long-term advantages of taking action now. Let's face it, the health of our grandchildren could well depend on it!

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