Sunday, September 20, 2009

Electric Ice Cream Makers 8 Simple Reasons We Should All Be Making Our Own Ice Cream

By Mia Kane

I have spent many years making my own ice cream. For my friends when I was at college, and now for my friends, family and kids. I am always asked why? and lots of other questions about making ice cream at home. So now I have put all my reasons together. This is why I make my own ice cream and why I tell everyone that they should also.

1. My family and I love ice cream. We eat a lot of it all year round not just in summer. On a regular basis I found buying ice cream adds up, and on a monthly grocery bill, well lets just say I got a real shock. When I make my own, I make it a lot cheaper (but just as tasty, even tastier) than store bought. So I save on my food bill.

2. Having kids I am now more conscious of being 'green' and kinder to the planet. Making my own ice cream, is one way I can decrease my food miles. And instead of paying for ice cream to travel halfway around the country to me, everything I use for it I get on my own doorstep.

3. I get total control over what goes in. So I don't have to spend time reading the very small print on the back of the carton, to see what they have managed to sneak in there. Only good wholesome naturalness goes into mine.

4. Allergies are not a problem. More and more friends and family these days seem to suffer from some sort of allergy or another. Well I can usually just leave out what they are allergic to, and replace it with something else.

5. I bring my ice cream over to friends, or families houses for dinner. It beats spending a fortune on flowers. I bring along the dessert which we can all enjoy together.

6. Getting the kids involved is a great way of involving them in what they eat. It sparks an interest in how things are made, not to mention it can keep them and their pals quite on a wet afternoon.

7. For me it can be a great way of getting in some sneaky nutrients into their diet. They love fruit on their ice cream in funny shapes, I sprinkle nuts over it, and I even sprinkle oats on it sometimes.

8. I try most of the time to make it lower fat than you buy. I use half and half or light cream instead. Great for the kids, but helps me and my diet out too.

So there you have it. The many reasons I make my own ice cream. I hope I have been able to convince you to have a go.

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