Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fantastic Ways To Make Cooking More Nourishing

By Fiona Wyresdle

While most diet Gurus including Robert Atkins agree that refined sugar is not good for you and can be downright harmful. Other pundits say that it is not as bad as many nay-sayers' proclaim. One thing that is certain with healthy cooking is you can ensure that you control what goes into any treats you are creating. You don't have to purchase commercial cakes and cookies which contain empty calories; you might make your own.

Sugar basically provides empty calories but there are ways of replacing this sweetener with other more nutritional products. Healthy home cooking and baking enables you to make good use of great recipes. Your family will be so delighted with your efforts, they won't even notice if you slip in a few extra vitamins and minerals.

One way to get children to eat vegetables when they won't is to mix grated veggies in with ground beef. I used this on my children when they were small so all bolognaise sauce had grated carrot or pumpkin or lentils with it, as did meatloaf, meatballs and hamburgers.

Cakes and muffins are appetizing with added grated carrot or pumpkin and pumpkin bread is simple to make, also very nutritious. Pumpkin is a sweet vegetable and when you make bread with it add mixed seeds; sunflower and pumpkin seeds make the bread even tastier, and these seed are extremely rich in the essential fatty acids of the Omega group.

Finding refined sugar guilty or innocent, there are numerous books on the health shelves of book shops which completely attack sugar. Although the only real documented reports are in regard to sugar and tooth decay. There are no other health proofs that patently declare sugar to be the criminal it is perceived to be by many of the health ranters.

You are able to still use sugar and cook in a healthy way, anything in moderate amounts is not terrible for us. It is really not necessary to get up on a soap box and make sugar the reason for being the root of all evil.

We only have to take the example of red wine. Pundits pronounce that all alcohol is bad for you, however times have changed and researchers have found out why people on continental Europe live longer, suffer less from diabetes, heart diseases and other illnesses, and this is because they drink red wine. Red win contains Resevratrol and this substance together with the alcohol is incredibly good, but in moderation needless to say.

Healthy cooking and good health is achieved and maintained by means of good common sense. Knowing a little about the calories and nutrients in food is fairly important. But one good rule of thumb, is "if grandma wouldn't recognize it, don't eat it, it won't be good for you".

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