Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's Simple and Fun to Order Lobster Online

By Shannon Linnen

It's great to take friends and family out to entertain them, especially to some place special or luxurious. It's incredibly fun to have a large dinner party at your favorite restaurant, or have a spa day with the girls to give you a chance to catch up. But sometimes, when you want to spend time with a large group of friends, the setting that makes the most sense is home. You can sit back and relax, and still take in all of the great conversation that your friends are having. In those situations, it makes more sense to stay home, but that doesn't man you can't have luxury. You can order lobster.

Because lobster is seen as such an expensive luxury item, and it's so simple to prepare at home, it's the perfect marriage of something you can make easily for your guests, that will easily impress them. When you order online, you can get enough lobsters for a large party like a wedding reception, or only buy enough for an intimate party for two. The choice is yours. Your guests will be happy that you've invited them to such a fancy and intimate gathering, and you'll know it was easy.

The reason that you're now able to enjoy a large lobster gathering is the ease of buying lobsters online. In the past, you would have to buy any lobsters you wanted to order from the grocery store, a process dependent on your grocery store even having enough lobsters for you to order. The lobsters that they do have are also often old, which may seem counterintuitive, because they're still alive. But when a live lobster has been banded for more than a day, their claws atrophy. This is why experts recommend eating them within a few days.

How do you get fresher lobster by ordering lobster online? It's easy really, and it's all about how the product is shipped. When a local store orders lobster, it has to get the lobsters from the coast to the store, usually by trucking. Depending on where your store is located, this can take as long as a week. When you order online, you're getting the lobster fresh from the fisherman themselves. It is packaged as soon as it's caught, and shipped overnight. This means your lobster is as fresh as possible, and that you'll get it when you're ready for it.

Ordering lobster online also helps you to save money. The grocery store not only has to pay for the lobsters, but also the fee of the middleman who arranges the sale, for the shipping, and for their store costs. That adds up to one huge surcharge. When you order lobster for yourself, you only have to pay the going price per pound, and the shipping fee. This means you've gotten yourself a great savings on lobster.

So why not treat your friends to a great lobster dinner party. You can order online and save big, and instead of a big entertainment budget, you'll just have to get your house ready for your friends to come over!

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