Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Acai Berry Juice

By Pete Marks

One of the most amazing fruit juices to come to market lately is acai berry juice. If you have not tried it you owe it to yourself to give it a try it is much like blueberry juice with a hint of chocolate or cinnamon. When trying to sort through the many brands of acai berry juice on the market there are several things you should take into consideration.

Acai has gained a lot of attention due to TV and radio talk shows and newspaper ads. It has also become popular with people who are health conscious were involved in sports. Many athletic trainers often added to their daily diet.

The special berry is harvested from the Acai Palm in the Brazilian rain forests. It is deep purple and much similar in size and shape to blueberries. It is loaded with many good things you would find in other products.

With a high ORAC value it is loaded with antioxidants essential fatty acids and amino acids. It also contains a plethora of fiber and many other trace vitamins and elements. Once acai is harvested it is processed into puree, juice freeze dried powder or capsules.

A reputable product is not that hard to find and the best do not contain a lot of fillers or any at all. Fillers can be water other cheap juices, sugar and even binders that are added to powder. The best products will list their ingredients on the label.

Acai is often processed at the source and the best are done with a Kosher process. The reason for processing at the source is the volatility of the oils in the berry and they can spoil if not processed soon after harvest. The best products will usually be labeled 100% organic and done with a kosher process.

You should now have a good idea on what to look for with acai berry juice products. The label should have the ingredients listed and if not contact the company online by email. You may even want to call then and have them send you a list of ingredients.

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