Thursday, September 3, 2009

How To Choose the Perfect Barbeque Smoker

By Linda Perez

For barbeque enthusiasts, the choices in what to use to barbeque, smokers, grills and others, can be distracting. Each choice has its own strengths and flaws. It all comes down to the barbequers preference, really. Among barbeque enthusiasts, barbeque smokers are a favorite for being one of the most satisfying ways to enjoy a good barbeque.

Choosing barbeque smokers can be a very confusing process. Barbeque smokers are available in a wide choice of sizes. Ranging from a small, efficient individual barbeque smoker to a barbeque smoker that is big enough to cook for a crowd of people. In choosing the size of a barbeque smoker, the choice varies from person to person. For those who plan only to hold barbeques for their family and a small number of visitors, a personal sized barbeque smoker is more than adequate. On the other hand, a more gregarious individual who is never satisfied with his barbeque unless the entire neighborhood is partying in his backyard will require a larger, more robust barbeque smoker.

Aside from size, another consideration when choosing a barbeque smoker is the type of fuel that it will be using. Barbeque smokers can barbeque using a variety of fuel. The choices on what fuel to use for your barbeque smoker include wood, gas, electricity and charcoal. Some of the more flexible barbeque smokers can also use two or more of the aforementioned fuel. The choice on what fuel to make really depends on what you prefer. Some people prefer charcoal or wood barbeque smokers because it makes the barbeques more tasty and fragrant. However, gas barbeque smokers are known to be the more economical choice.

There are also special types of barbeque smokers that come with a fire box. The fire box is used mainly to burn wood and make glowing hot coals. As most barbequers know, the best way to barbeque is not on a fire but on coals.

With a fire box, you can make hot coals on the firebox by burning wood. Once there is already sufficient coal, you can then move them to the side of the barbeque smoker which is used for actual cooking. A more common design of a barbeque smoker is the one where you first make coal by burning wood and charcoal in the barbeque pit. Once the glowing coals are ready and the fire is already out, you then put a grill on top of the hot coals and start barbequing.

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