Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Introduction To Green Tea Extreme

By Stavros Kapinski

The ancient drink of green tea is going places and is one of the preferred drinks these days. The facts about green tea is being delivered to us with the help of modern science. It is gaining popularity among consumers, due to continuous efforts from mass media which is trying to explain the numerous benefits to them and make them use it.

It is obvious that there are galore of benefits that can be drawn from green tea and people are increasingly trying to do so. It is utilized in its original form, as well as in the form of pills, fat burners, powders, perfumes and many others.

Green tea extreme is the self acclaimed number one green tea product of the United States. It has acquired many positive reviews of authoritative people on the television and has widely been endorsed by many celebrities.

This product is rewarded with two thumbs up by several acknowledged health experts. This has given a big increment to the sales of this product called green tea extreme as the numerous publicity methods have already given it some recognition in the consumers eyes.

How healthy is green tea extreme?

The package design of this product is really attractive and also includes the detailed information at the back. This product is clinically approved and the package also includes the details of the tests and research that the product has gone through.

There is however one thing that you should know know about green tea extreme. Although the product is available in the market as a green tea product it is not solely a green tea product in truth. The packet contains two other substances that are used in conjunction with green tea.

The first of these contents is citrus aurantium. This is a chemical that is considered to have excellent fat burning properties. It is a rare chemical that is difficult to obtain hence this ingredient is what makes green tea extreme special.

The other special ingredient is Guarana. This element has a 10% caffeine count which is good for the body along with which it has certain beneficial antioxidants.

Analysis of the green tea extreme highlights that the product is a wonderful combination of substances beneficial for weight loss. It is said to have polyphenols and catechins in abundance which are available in the green tea and are responsible for faster weight loss by increasing the metabolism.

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