Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Ideas - Natural Weight Management Products

By Jason Kendall

Katie, my wife, and I badly wanted to lose weight. So we thought carefully about what it was we wanted and why. We were surprised to realise that our goals were fairly simple. My wife's dearest wish was to have more energy when playing with the kids. And she wished for greater confidence in her beach clothes and lingerie.

Most of all I hoped to dress well again. I had become completely fed up with 'fat boy' clothes! And I SO wished to be fit enough to get to the top of our three storey house and still be able to breathe properly!

Going through this process revealed that how we perceive ourselves is a key factor in how we actually look. Those of us who are obese tend to have a very low self-image. It's a popular assumption that reducing weight will make everything in life good again. I want you to know how much I understand this thought process. Here are some observations...

Psychologists understand that we have a subconscious mind, which doesn't recognise the difference between a real thing and an imaginary thing. And therefore our subconscious transfers its most vividly perceived information into our conscious - imaginary or otherwise! Repeat a concept often enough and that surfaces as the overriding idea.

Mull that thought over for a moment. The chances are you've been repeatedly telling yourself that you're too large. Our subconscious needs to be fed a diet of what we actually want to be real.

It makes sense to zone in on the happy things we'll be able to do when we've lost the weight. The difficulties seem more worthwhile then. We started off with all the things we'd like to do or have more of: Things like dancing, flirting, swimming, having fun, soccer, running with the kids, volley ball, cycling, sun-bathing and feeling relaxed sitting in a hot tub.

Then we envisioned ourselves in cool summer clothes, looking great as we enjoyed trips to the beach. Our confidence grew massively as others looked on with admiration. Everything was fantastic!

Consequently, the weight came off (though not too much...) Has it been worth it? You bet...

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