Saturday, September 5, 2009

Personalized M&Ms: 5 Best Uses For Them!

By Christa Curry

M&Ms have such a long and rich history and were created in 1954 and became a source of happiness and joy for all of the American families and kids who ate them. M&Ms are flavorful, colorful, and simply delicious! At one point, you could only find these little goodies in grocery stores and candy stores in the United States. But now they are available all over the world and can be found in more colors than just their original blue, red, green, yellow, brown, and green. And what's more, they are now available online and can be customized!

Weddings If you are getting married anytime soon, you might consider these little candies as great for table decorations, for a dessert table, or even as party favors for your guests. You can color match them to your bridal colors and have you and your spouses names or new initials printed on them as well. If you want to go even further, you can have you and your spouses photo printed on the candy as well.

Parties You can certainly add a special touch to your son or daughter next birthday party, or even to your own! Personalized M&Ms again can be color coordinated to match the theme of the party. If you are having a Barbie themed party for your daughter, for example, have the m&ms printed in shades of pink and purple and have Barbie printed on the front of the m&ms. Or for a more adult party, like an over the hill party, you can have the number 40 put on the m&ms.

Anniversaries As with weddings, M&Ms can be used as favors, decoration, or on the dessert table if you are throwing a party. But if not, they can be given as a preliminary gift to your spouse. Have a special message to your spouse printed on them on one side, and the number of years youve been married printed on the other side.

Gifts Give the gift that just keeps on giving. M&Ms are the perfect gift to give anyone, especially if you are not sure what the person might like. Have a special message printed, put their picture, and give it to them in their favorite color.

Business Small businesses must do a good job of branding if they want to stay in business. Let personalized m&ms brand your business for you. Print your logo and slogan and company colors on the m&m and hand them out to prospective clients!

Whatever you choose to do with these candies, make sure that its unique and creative, and that they suit you!

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