Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Things To Consider Prior To Buying A Coffee Maker

By Jim Samposzi

Originally, making coffee was a straightforward endeavor. All one needed to do was roast some coffee beans, grind them, and then place the coffee grounds in a pot and add hot water. Following this, the person making the coffee had to wait hours while the brewing took place. Once the brew was strong enough, the coffee was done and they could use sugar and cream. In time, the coffee maker made this process much easier. Upon purchasing one of these devices, you may want to take into account the following:

* Size - The size of the unit is the first thing you should look at. If you will be using the machine to make coffee for just one or two people, then small coffee-maker would be ideal for you. However, you will certainly need a larger one, if you regularly make coffee for more than two people. Some bigger machines can make espresso as well as coffee for people who enjoy a stronger drink; it is an all contained in one unit. By purchasing such a model, you will have more counter space, but you will also be paying less than an expensive espresso unit. Additionally, these combination machines can make between 8 and 10 cups.

* Water filter - This device makes the coffee taste much better by removing minerals and chemicals such as chlorine and iron. If you are not concerned with the taste of your coffee, then this benefit would not be a necessity because it will only increase the maintenance and repair cost of the coffee maker in case it breaks.

* Coffee filter - As an alternative to paper filters, it is a good idea to think about a coffee machine with a permanent filter. These permanent filters are not only durable, but also eco-friendly. Plus, permanent filters help enhance the flavors in the coffee.

* Bean grinder and roaster - These benefits are not standard on normal units. Although, it is included on the more pricey ones. As suggested by the name, the roaster roasts the beans, while the built-in grinder will grind fresh beans into coffee grinds for brewing.

* Digital controls - A large LCD screen, timer, and clock are not needed to make a cup of joe. However these features make the maker a lot easier to operate. Automatic switch-off is a vital control for some of us absent-minded folks.

Millions of humans on this planet drink coffee regularly. So, there must be a way, with ease and speed to get to your morning cup of coffee. Many people go out and purchase a cup each day without the knowledge that they could save a lot of money making it themselves at home. Coffee making machines let this be possible and a lot of them include so many advantages that you will feel like your very own barista each and every morning.

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