Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Washington, DC Weight Loss Expert Debunks 4 Weight Loss Myths

By Josef Brandenburg

There are a lot of myths regarding losing weight that are going around due to all the large and small pharmaceutical companies that are part of this huge weight loss industry that are always pushing you to buy their products or follow their advice. A Washington, DC weight loss specialist is going to reveal the 4 most popular myths and is going to set the record straight.

Myth #1- All calories are exactly the same- This is a senseless myth, because it means that you would not put on weight even if you got your daily required amount of 1500- 2000 calories from junk food. The authorities have known for almost 5 decades that the source of the calories is equally important as the amount of calories you take in.

If logic is not good enough for you, the following are the results of a study that was conducted where the subjects were given only 1000 calories a day to encourage weight loss, keeping the type of calories different:

* 1000 calories, 90% fat, weight lost: 0.9 pounds per day * 1000 calories, 90% protein, weight lost: 0.6 pounds per day * 1000 calories, 90% carbs, weight lost: 0 pounds - gained weight

Myth #2- Low Carb high protein diets are dangerous- Over the years quite a few studies have set the record straight about this myth. While vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids are absolutely essential, it is not mentioned anywhere that carbohydrates i.e. sugar, are required for survival. Aboriginal tribes never suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes or heart trouble even though they survived for many years on animal products alone.

Myth #3- Juices are good for your health- One of the biggest myths of all time that everyone believes is that juices are good for you. You need 5 oranges to make a glass of orange juice, meaning that the sugar in one glass is that of 5 oranges and is about the same as in most sodas. And you somehow have been made to believe that juices are good for your health. You would be wrong if you believe that they at least have nutritional value, even if they high in sugar and calories, because during extraction, most of the vitamins are lost.

Myth #4- Moderate Drinking is good for you- This one has been floating around since prohibition. Drinking alcoholic beverages is not good for the body; the studies that have shown this to be true were faulty. The study set out to prove that those who drank moderate amounts lived longer than non-drinkers did.

They compiled a group of non drinkers that included people too ill to drink and former alcoholics, which was a major problem. A former alcoholic or a person who is too sick to be drinking is not expected to have the best life span, so the life expectancy results were totally distorted. Another deceptive concept is the red wine theory, because you do not need to drink wine to enjoy the advantages of grapes. Another point to note about alcohol is that it encourages the storage of fat and loss of muscle, so if you are trying to lose weight, you ought to stay away from it.

A bit of reasoning would be enough to set the record straight about most of the myths that you have heard, you really did not require a weight loss specialist from Washington, DC to make things clear. But it must be noted that over 15 years of testing and research is behind the facts revealed about these myths. Only once you understand the truth about the weight loss myths and avoid them, will you be able to get into shape.

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