Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wedding Venues Essex, Hundred Of Approved Premises To Choose From

By Jerry Hayton

If you are looking for an exquisite setting to be married from in the UK, look no further than wedding venues Essex. This county is famous for its beauty, culture and tradition, and there are no fewer than 100 approved marriage venues, 8 register office and a multitude of cathedrals, chapels and churches.

You are even able to take a virtual tour of the available Register Offices and many of the church or wedding venues. You don't have to live in Essex to be married there, as it is a great place for both the bridal couple and their guests to get away to for the weekend, and is one of the most beautiful counties in which to start a honeymoon.

Romance abounds in this county which is steeped in history, culture, fun and vibrancy. The combination of these factors does not get much better in order to be a winning one. Essex is recorded as an ancient Saxon County, is located north-east of London and is easily accessible from any part of the UK.

Essex is the home to historic woodlands, poppy-dotted wheat fields, estuaries, windmills, maritime tradition, coastal villages and the great towns of the North Sea. It is the county with the oldest recorded town, 350 miles of coastline the tallest Tudor gatehouse and the longest pleasure pier in the word. So no matter what the theme of your wedding celebrations, there will be a venue to accommodate and more than meet your needs.

The county has become popular with more couples getting married in the UK in recent times. This is mostly because of the change to marriage laws which took place in the 1990's allowing approved venues to conduct civil ceremonies. So now you can be married and have your reception in the self same venue. Essex has more of these venues than any other county and it is this which makes it so popular and trendy.

There are more than 100 legally endorsed wedding venues in this county and they vary from historic homes such as Leez Priory, Hylands House and Audley End, to modern hotels such as the SAS Raddison Hotel in Stansted and a Norman keep built in 1140 - Hedingham Castle. Earlier in this article we mention the tallest Tudor gatehouse, this is Layer Marney Tower, and guess what? You can be married there too!

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