Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Great Cup Of Coffee Requires A Gourmet Coffee Maker

By Jason Findleson

The coffee connoisseurs out there know the importance of quality coffee beans. They also know that no matter the quality of your beans, the final result will be largely determined by the quality of your coffee maker. But what makes a gourmet coffee maker better than standard coffee makers. Does a good cup of coffee really have to cost so much? These are the questions many coffee drinkers need answered.

Coffee Making Options

Coffee has been made countless ways and in countless places around the world. But for most people, it is the standard drip coffee machine that is most common. This machine has a basket in which you put a coffee filter and ground coffee. The machine then drips hot water over the grounds and fills the coffee pot below.

The standard drip coffee maker is easy to use and makes decent coffee but many coffee connoisseurs believe that you should never use a filter if you want a real quality cup of joe. The filter adulterates the flavor of the coffee and takes away from even high quality beans. Fortunately there are many gourmet coffee makers out there that don't rely on filters.

Luckily there are solutions to these problems. The most affordable is the French Press. This gourmet coffee maker deceptively simple but makes some of the best coffee around. A quality French Press is made of glass and stainless steel. You simply add your got water and coffee grounds to the press and wait a few minutes. Then you slowly lower the metal strainer to remove the grounds from the coffee and you are ready to enjoy quality coffee made without a filter.

Some coffee drinkers prefer the vacuum coffee pot over the French Press. While this gourmet coffee maker is much more expensive it does make coffee with less sediment than the French Press. This is accomplished through the unique vacuum process which infuses the coffee without the use of a filter.

Perhaps the highest quality gourmet coffee maker is the espresso machine. These machines are made out quality steel parts and make coffee in a similar fashion as the standard drip machine. The difference is that the coffee grounds are tightly compacted and then infused with pressurized hot water. Because the grounds are so tightly packed there is no need for a filter. An added bonus to this gourmet coffee maker is that the water pressure can be changed yielding differences in flavor allowing a user to customize coffee even further.

With a little knowledge about what makes a gourmet coffee maker more effective than the standard drip coffee machine, you are ready to make the perfect coffee. You can check locally or shop online for you next coffee maker and are sure to find a machine that fits your budget.

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