Friday, September 4, 2009

Caution: If You Want To Lose Arm Flab Don't Go High Carb

By Katherine Crawford M.S.

Picking the right diet for losing arm flab can be extremely frustrating. Why? Because there is so much marketing hype that the truth has become hidden amongst all the lies.

I'm pretty sure you're having a challenge finding the perfect diet

If so, you're not alone. I suspect that most women are utterly lost when it comes to solid nutrition for arm flab loss. I know I was.

Thus, here is why you shouldn't go high carb to lose arm fat:

1. Excess sugar intakes. This can be a very serious issue is you have a sugar addiction. After all, once you start having even a small amount of sugar it will be very hard to stop. Don't forget that sugar triggers the same receptors as drugs.

2. Poor insulin sensitivity. When done incorrectly, high carb diets can lead to insulin resistance. A state in which muscle has a hard time absorbing nutrients, so excess goes towards arm fat.

3. Hunger swings. Lots of carbs translates into fluctuating levels of blood sugar. And once your blood sugar goes down, you'll be very very hungry. The key here is to have massive amounts of vegetables with EVERY high carb meal. Only then will blood sugar be somewhat stabilized.

4. Extremely slow fat loss. Expect very very slow fat loss when doing a high carb diet. If you're looking for lightening quick results, then this type of diet is NOT for you.

Do you want to lose that arm flab ASAP? If so, high carb is not for you. In my experience, moderate to low carb intakes are best. Going low carb, however, isn't necessary unless you are insulin resistant. How can you tell? If you have a relatively large abdomen, then you could be insulin resistant. Ignore all the marketing hype and stick to what has been proven by research. Only then will you achieve sexy arm success!

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