Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Detox Diet for Cellulite

By El Bilson

Cellulite is a condition that many women wish they didn't have to deal with. A detox diet for cellulite is something that may help you get rid of ugly skin for good.

Are you looking into doing a detox diet for cellulite? While there is no specific diet that will completely get rid of cellulite, detox diets can help. There are several detox diets that you can try and we will look at where to find more information on these special diets.

Wondering how a detox diet helps improve your skin? What does it mean to detox the body? This article is a good starting point for more information on detox diets and how they work. Before you start a detox diet it is important to check with your doctor. This is especially crucial if you have health problems or are on any medications.

Several organs in the body help clean toxins from the blood. The main detox organ is the liver. However other organs such as the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymph, and skin all play their part in cleaning the body. Our bodies are a miracle in that all the systems work together.

After many years of cleaning the body, the cleansing organs often contain built up toxins. These toxins hamper the functioning of the body's organs. Cellulite can improve with a healthy diet. However you may want to start is by detoxifying your body through a good cleanse. After that you can choose low fat, high fiber foods that will continue to improve the functioning of the body.

Many of us are eating processed foods that are unhealthy for the body. With the wide availability of junk food, it is easy to not stick to a healthy diet. My husband and I travel a lot and many of our meals are fast foods. Many people give into their cravings for french fries or pizza on a regular basis. But over time these foods and others like them cause the body to be hampered with toxins. This causes the organs to not function as well as they could.

These toxins cause the liver and kidneys and the other detox organs to work extra hard. It can even lead to things such as gall and kidney stones. Going on a brief detox diet gives these organs a rest and allows them to clean the extra toxins from the body. Detoxifying the body allows these organs to play catch up on the work they are designed to do.

The term cellulite is used to describe the dimpled look that is found on the skin. As skin ages the connective tissue, called septa, in the subcutaneous layer of the skin loses its elasticity. When this happens, the fat deposits that are a normal part of the body push up between the connective tissue. This is what causes cellulite to have a rippled or dimpled appearance.

By changing what we eat and drink, we can improve circulation to the septa. When blood circulation is improved, a reduction in cellulite can be achieved over time. Of course, this is a change in lifestyle. Permanent results require us to give up some of the foods we may enjoy. But the good news is that the healthy change in diet will not only improve the look of skin but will result in a healthier body overall.

There are a number of detox diet for cellulite to choose from. Visit your local library or bookstore or do a web search and you will find many methods to detoxify the body. Some of these detox diets include fasting. Others are liquid diets that include fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Whatever method you choose to detox, remember that you are giving your body a chance to rest. This will lead to not only improve cellulite, but improved health overall.

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