Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why You Shouldn't Rush Designing Your Kitchen

By April Kerr

Beautiful kitchens take time to create. Understanding kitchen design equals a great kitchen. It is important to imagine what you want from your kitchen and what uses it will have other than eating, and meal preparation. It must be a well organized space, and every area must be accounted for and used to the maximum. Every square inch of such counts.

In designing the kitchen, the layout must be planned out before buying anything. In the past, kitchens were built without much thought being placed into them, which may require you to move certain items such as the sink or stove in order to get the triangle working area. This triangle includes the fridge, stove and sink. Studies have shown that it is the best design because it will save steps, thereby saving time.

Of course, kitchen design goes further than simply finding the right area for the triangle. It means getting the traffic flowing properly to allow more than one person in the kitchen at the same time. It also means that food preparation can be accomplished with ease. But there's so much more than that! Getting the right style and color of the kitchen cabinets is very important, as the cabinets are very huge part of any kitchen.

Counters and floors also draw the eye just as much of the cabinets do, therefore they must be given much consideration. Maintenance of both of these must be considered as well. Both of these get a lot of use and abuse, and therefore choosing the right materials is very important in order to endure the workload.

Not only is durability key in choosing the right floor, but also in choosing the countertops. These are also subjected to much use and abuse. Imagine the counter is being used by someone who rarely will chop on a chopping block. In this case, durability is imperative otherwise, the counter will be destroyed very early on.

The sink has also seen a lot of changes in the last few years. Many different models have broadened the choices that homeowners have. More and more, they are choosing the deeper sinks, to make washing dishes and pots and pans, much easier. In addition to that, the faucets and other such details are also being given a lot of consideration.

One of the most important elements in any room, and particularly the kitchen is lighting. Good light throughout the entire room, and coming from different sources is extremely important in order to help the user see better. Of course, the good life is required above the sink, above the stove, and throughout the entire area of the ceiling. But you should also give some consideration to under-cabinet lighting, which not only gives good light to help with meal preparation, but also gives the room a little atmosphere.

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