Saturday, September 5, 2009

Diet Modification for Clear Skin

By Sally Dreiser

As a child, you were probably warned against consuming large amounts of chocolate. The idea was that sweets would trigger breakouts. Dermatologists continually inform their patients that no link exists between diet and acne. However, evidence is coming to the forefront that suggests otherwise.

Those that suffer from acne have reported breakouts after eating certain foods. One person gets breakouts after eating peanuts, another after consuming milk. Is it really plausible to think that people fabricate such accounts? Not really. If we are to learn anything from history, its that most diseases are a lot more multifaceted than we like to think. There are always several variables involved. While there is no direct link between food preferences and acne, in some a drastic reduction in lesions may surface with diet modification. Since we all respond differently to treatments, some may see drastic improvement while others not so much.

Most of us know that processed foods are bad for our health. Nearly 100% of our modern diet is based on such foods, which largely contain simple carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are converted into sugar by our body, which makes its way to our bloodstream. Our body begins to overproduce the hormone known as testosterone, which is responsible for regulating oil production. The end result of all of these factors is more acne breakouts. For most of us, getting away from processed foods seems like a nightmare. The health benefit is tremendous, however, not only in treating acne but in also deterring the development of other disorders such as diabetes. It would be advisable to slowly wean off of these foods until you are no longer dependent on them to appease your appetite.

Dairy products have long been blamed for acne flare ups. Milk and other dairy products contain vast amounts of hormones, which spur adverse reactions when admitted inside our bodies. A 2005 study uncovered that women drinking 2-3 cups of milk a day were at a high risk of developing acne-related disorders. Milk is without question an important part of our diet, but it should not be consumed in excess. Anything in excess amounts can ultimately be detrimental. If you drink substantial amounts of milk or consume similar amounts of dairy products, you may want to start slowing down. You don't want to aggravate your acne because that extra cup of milk couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Some refuse to believe that acne and diet choices are linked. You are encouraged to test the hypothesis for yourself if you are the skeptical type. You will see nothing but positive health effects by swapping your processed foods with healthier alternatives. Historical data has shown that the proliferation of processed foods has triggered an increase in acne prevalence. Don't make a change just for acne, but also your overall health. A clean bill of health with ensure a long and prosperous future. It's important that you get started today, as other commitments may make it difficult to do so in the future. Best of luck!

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