Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Does Milk Cause Cellulite?

By El Bilson

Many people enjoy daily consumption of diary products, but I have often wondered " does milk cause cellulite? Is it possible to improve the look of your skin simply by making a dietary change?

Have you ever thought about the connection between the foods we eat and the appearance of our skin? More specifically have you wondered " does milk cause cellulite? Some people feel that milk does indeed lead to this skin disorder. While some of us would not enjoy giving up our daily dairy products, others might find this to be worth a shot if it means no more cellulite!

One of the biggest controversies surrounding milk is the amount of hormones contained in milk. These hormones are mainly from the hormones given to the cows to enable them to produce more milk. Many feel that these extra hormones can do damage to our bodies when we regularly ingest them.

Because cellulite responds to hormonal changes with in the body, it would make sense that increases in hormones in the body would trigger an increase in the amount of cellulite. Some studies have shown that a reduction of cellulite was found in women who stopped using diary products. It took about 6 to 12 months for these women to notice a difference in the appearance of their skin and get rid of cellulite.

For many women who are desperate to get rid of their cellulite and have tried many different products in the past with no success, a simple diet change may be the solution they are looking for. This can be hard however. Diary products are found in many foods we eat " just try eating something that doesnt contain cheese!

A simple solution to regular cows milk is to use goats milk. Goats milk doesnt usually have the hormones found in normal cows milk. Be careful with yogurt too as yogurt is made from cow's milk.

Some people may feel that there is no true answer to the question does milk cause cellulite. Many feel that this topic has not been studied extensively. This leads them to feel that no scientific conclusion can be drawn as to whether or not milk leads to cellulite. While this point is valid, it should not be used to dissuade those who are interested in eliminating diary from their diets in order to obtain better health.

Not only are women asking does milk cause cellulite, but many are wondering if milk products are the source of some of their other problems as well. These can include things such as digestive issues, weight gain and acne. Going off diary products may be helpful for many reasons, not just cellulite.

In conclusion, only you can decide if milk really does effect your cellulite. If you decide to stay away from diary products, make sure you give yourself enough time to see results. A week or so probably will not cut it as our bodies can be slow to change. You will most likely need to dedicate 6 months to a year towards this goal. While after this amount of time you may not find any results with your cellulite, you may notice that you do not crave or tolerate milk products any longer.

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