Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Oolong Tea Diet vs. Zone Diet And Adkins Effects

By Mike Tauber

The Zone diet and Adkins diet is known as a weight-loss program that focuses on eating more protein and fewer carbohydrates. Many, including celebrities, actively follow the Zone diet, to lose the extra pounds. Interestingly, Barry Sears, the creator of the Zone diet, intended the Zone diet for something else as well: anti-inflammation. Next consider Oolong tea diet. Scientists have shown that drinking tea fifteen minutes before eating carbohydrates lowers the insulin spike you normally get eating carbs.

The Zone diet is neither unique nor extraordinary. It belongs to a family of low-carb, high-protein diets, which boasts among its members the Atkins diet and the South Beach diet. These three diets all share the same basic philosophy, that by avoiding carbohydrates, one promotes the burning of body fat. However, they each have their unique features. Couple this with Oolong or Wu long tea diet, that has fat burning features that naturally make one slim and you have a super diet.

Sears Zone diet rationale argues that a low-fat diet causes the body to make more insulin. Insulin is known for transforming blood sugar into glycogen. However, its other effect is to stop the body from using its own fat. Therefore, for dieters, insulin is an enemy.

While the Zone diet makes no comment regarding how one should obtain one's carbohydrates, the Atkins diet specifies that 75% of the deficient in amount, 6% must come from vegetables and fruits. Furthermore, the Atkins diet requires drinking eight glasses of water each day, as opposed to the Zone diet, which makes no such recommendations.

Another criticism - for this article, as condemnations of the Zone diet abound - is on the issue of carbohydrates. The Zone diet restricts the dieter to 100 to 150 grams of carbohydrates. However, it makes no restrictions, not even recommendations, as to how she should fulfill her 100 to 150 gram quota. The Adkins diet, likewise, works by limiting carbs to low levels and maintaining control of carbohydrate intake.

The Zone diet focuses on eating meat. Nominally, the consumption of meat is for its protein. However, meats contain high amounts of saturated fat. The Zone diet causes the dieter to consume more saturated fat than she needs, raising her risk of heart disease.

Although the Zone diet remains popular, the scientific community continues to reject it. The diet poses several health risks, including heart disease and diabetes, and does not cause long term weight loss. A study published in the Journal of Medical Investigation found that women who consumed Chinese diet tea directly after a meal increased energy expenditure by 10%. This compared to an energy expenditure of 4% for green tea drinkers and 0% for water drinkers.

Zone vs. South Beach Cardiologist Arthur Agatson and nutritionist Marie Almon designed the South Beach diet, to prevent heart disease. Dr. Agatson agreed that a low-fat diet is conducive to preventing heart disease, but he knew that in practice, patients just didn't have the willpower. Thus, he created a system of bad fats, bad carbs, and good fats, and good carbs.

Sears believes that the Zone diet prevents inflammation. Purportedly, eating in such a fashion regulates levels of inflammatory hormones. According to standard medical texts, the hormones are produced from omega-6 fatty acids, found mostly in polyunsaturated vegetable oils. Does the Zone diet prohibit sunflower or corn oil? No. So how does the Zone diet prevent inflammation?

Compared with the Zone diet, the South Beach diet is actually very liberal. Doctors had realistic expectations of what average people can do, so he made the diet as friendly as possible. In addition, the South Beach diet has phases, each less restrictive than the previous, to help dieters with the transition between dieting and normal eating. The Zone diet offers no realistic expectations, and no such support. However, when considering drinking tea as a fat burning beverage, stunning healthful weight loss results along with an effective raise in your metabolism. Drinking Wu long tea for weight loss is loaded with antioxidants. It also has shown favorable results for lowering cholesterol, preventing heart disease, osteoporosis and blood clots.

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