Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Do You Have The Necessary Senses To Become A Successful Hot Dog Vendor?

By Michael Stadneck

1. The Sense of Sight Test. The most important of all the senses. Let's face it, nowadays most people are naturally cautious and suspicious about anything and everything. If their first impression of you or your stand is unfavorable, they are probably not going to stop. Who would want to buy a hot dog from an unsavory looking vendor or an unsanitary looking concession stand? Keep yourself clean and your cart spotless if you expect to make it in this business.

2. Smell Test. Certain foods give off very enticing scents. The aroma of steaming hot dogs, grilled onions or fresh warm pretzels waifing through the air will draw your customers in. Even if they just ate or are on a strict diet, the temptation to resist is just too strong.

3. Taste Test. The products you serve must be the best quality. You want your customer to enjoy the experience, to return and to recommend you to others. Never save old product for use the next day. Never skimp on quality. Buy the best even if you have to charge more.

4. The Oral Sense Test. When a customer is approaching your stand, know what to say to be helpful. Be pleasant and sell at the same time. Be sincere and offer suggestions. For example you might point at your menu board which shows your offerings and the various condiments. Ask them how they like their hot dog dressed. Make sure you know how to upsell. Take a cue from MacDonalds and ask if they want a soda and chips with their order. If you can be funny, humor is good. If you are not a funny person, don't fake it. Be everything else instead.

5. The Sense of Hearing Test. Listen closely to what the customer is saying. He or she may be offering you buying clues and opportunities for upsells. For example if the lady says she has a train to catch, ask her if she wants a soft pretzel to eat on the way home. Make it more appealing by telling her you have insulated bags that keep the pretzels warm and fresh for hours.

6. Feeling Test. Always smile and be friendly. Try to leave your problems at home. After a while you will start to see the same faces over and over again. People will start talking to you like you are their friend. You will eventually remember their names and what they like. In time youll become a popular concession stand where people like to go. And in time very wealthy too.

7. The Common Sense Test. One of the biggest traps most people fall into is greed. Some people start to cut corners; they look for cheaper inferior products in an attempt to increase their profits. They become overwhelmed with their success. They see all the money they are making and figure they could make more if they cut some costs. This type of thinking eventually leads to their demise. What they should be doing is looking for ways to improve the products and services, to increase their customer base and perhaps expand their business. That is the proper way to make more money.

8. The Sense of Touch Test. Or better coined, the sense of no touch test. You should never touch the food with your hands. Use your tongs, wax paper or foil wraps while handling food. And try not to touch food surfaces either. In some jurisdictions you will have to wear plastic gloves and adhere to other local Health Department rules and regulations. In some areas you will need a Commissary partner as well. The commissary is where you will prepare any food products, clean your utensils and perhaps store your vehicle.

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