Thursday, June 11, 2009

How to Prepare for Disaster With Food Storage

By Greg Shuey

To survive any disaster or calamity, your main defense tool is to be prepared. It is then ideal that we store the basic necessities that wed need such as clothing, medicines, and most importantly, food. Food storage is one of the basic things we should have to prepare for disasters. When you have enough food supply, you will be guaranteed to get through a disaster.

There are a lot of food storage facilities available that you can either rent or purchase. These provisions are very helpful in our part. However, you must bear in mind that there are specific guidelines that need be followed. Usually, rental agreements provide a list of items that are forbidden, so you must be sure to check this list in advance.

The first step is to prepare a list of all the food items you would be storing and have it reviewed by someone who knows what a food storage must have. This does not only save you time but also ensures that you will not be wasting your time because youll know what types of foods can be stored from those that cant be placed there.

It is recommended that you do not store perishable items because you will be storing them for a long time. Make sure that your storage can keep away rodents and insects. Make sure that your food storage has the right temperature so that your foods can last a long time.

Put only what's important. Avoid putting food which you can live without because it will only take up space. The things you can include in your food storage are: staple foods like rice, grains, wheat, cereals, and crackers; enough water supply; some spices like oil, salt, pepper; sugar, coffee, milk; canned goods and other ready-to-eat meals; and if you have infants, milk formulas.

You need to make sure that everything youll need is inside your storage. You must consider each member of the family. And it would be a lot of help if you stack up on foods that would last for at least three months.

These simple pointers must be kept in mind to ensure your survival. It will make sure that you get through the rough times without losing the important things that we have. You know that food is a major component of our lives and without it, we can die so make sure that you have strong and dependable food storage for your family.

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