Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cheap Beer Reviews

By Gerrard Buckland

Since we are talking about cheap beer, lets start with the basics. 'Stones' or Keystone Light and Coors. I'm sure for most of you at least one of these jumped into your mind when you though of cheap beer.

These two are just the beginning of the cheap beer experience. There is a large number of cheap beer available, and I would bet that many of these brands you have never even heard of.

* Busch - After drinking this for myself there is only one reason I included it on the list, and that is the price tag on this cheap beer. When you pour you receive a moderate golden liquid with an aroma of corn and other grains, but more body than most of the "light" beers for sure. Just not that great a taste, but not bad from a glass on a very warm day.

* Black Label - This comes out with a Yellow pour and white head. It presents you with a horrible corn, grain, and alcohol aroma. Flavor is also terrible, corn grain, alcohol, this beer is very bland and watery. Not much good to say here.

* Coors - Pours a clear, light yellow color. Medium white head, which diminishes quickly. Very little aroma (very light grain). Very light grain and alcohol flavor. Short duration. Thin/watery texture. Spare lacing. Fizzy carbonation.

* Genesee - Consists of a Clear pale yellow liquid with a frothy white head that quickly diminished to a light layer on the beers surface. The aroma is consists of yeast and corn husk. The taste is like a mild bitter watery liquid with corn flakes and corn husk. There is a barely perceptible bitter aftertaste.

* Huber - Very watery and nearly tasteless - malt, corn, and a light metallic finish. Its fizzy and pale yellow liquid and the head is gone immediately. Almost no aroma, except for a very faint trace of malt.

* Keystone - Bland-but a redeemingly cheap beer. Taste in comparison with other domestic light beers makes it a great value. Many people I know who dont like the taste of beer can tolerate the "never bitter" Keystone, so that says a lot in itself. This is my beer of choice when trying to play numerous games of 'Beer Pong'

* Miller Light- The uncontested king of Cheap Beer, with its clear yellow liquid, decent taste of wheat and hops, and not to much head. Honestly if I'm need to choose a cheap beer off this list this is definitely the one I would personally choose.

* Natural Light - Lemon and corn aroma. Clear yellow appearance, and a thin layer of head. The cardboard flavor tinged with stale malt makes this fairly undesirable. For a second I thought I almost tasted hops, but the I realized it was only wishful thinking. I feel bad for all of the college students who are forced so drink this beer simply because its cheap.

Cheap Beer - Wrap Up

Since we have gone through a small list and talked about some of the cheap beers I'm going to give you a final wrap up. If you simply need something that will be cheap for your party guest to drink and use while playing drinking games, my recommendation has to be keystone, one of the most inexpensive of beers, its watery qualities allow you to drink vast amounts of beer and remain standing long enough to land that ping pong ball in the appropriate cup.

If you want something for your own casual drinking and don't want to spend a fortune or don't have a fortune to spend. Going with Coors or Miller Lite is usually a fairly safe bet. Good Luck and Happy Drinking.

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