Friday, June 26, 2009

Music in the Park at Coralville

By Mara Hernandez-Capili

At Coralville, an exciting weekend affair is brewing- it is again time for the annual Music in the Park. There are many ways to celebrate weekends with a bang. It can be a trip to the park, a dinner at some upscale restaurant or a weekend concert.

Iowa is a state brimming with talents and awesome events. This year's affair is indeed another great offering from the fresh local talents of Coralville. Spectators and music enthusiasts from Coralville and nearby towns are expected to gather and attend this exciting event. Wanna listen to your favorite song? The bands can sing your chosen song for you because of the newest song request offering at the event. The event is also an ideal time for other band members to reunite and meet and greet in one roof.

Attendees of the event are mostly high school kids who simply want to have a great time. They are often seen in the previous year's carrying their guitars and musical instruments to sign up for the show. It is indeed pleasant to see such young kids dedicated to mastering their chosen craft- while having fun and obviously staying out of bad influences.

Organizers will make use of every "green" and eco-friendly" design elements they can find in order to keep up with this year's theme. The park will be awesomely decorated for this year carrying the theme: "Green is IN". Green speakers will also be invited to give privilege speeches and seminars to the attendees during intermission parts.

Come to the Music in the Park at Coralville and experience pure fun and music happening. Bring your friends and be ensured of a night of dancing and singing. If you've got what it takes and feel that you have the talents, don't forget to sign up at the organizer's booth to be counted as one of the performers. See you!

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