Saturday, June 6, 2009

Texas Food

By Haylee Landford

Many temptations will bring you to the state of Texas, but I have a surety of knowing that it will be the food that will keep you there. A unique standard of cuisine has been perfected in the South, being specifically saturated in the Lone Star State. In fact, the food you find here is completely absent everywhere else in the world.

It's easy to spell fun in Texas -- BBQ. Despite the population, the biggest cities and the smallest towns all have their own barbecue establishment of some kind. Each self proclaiming themselves, no doubt, to be "The Best Barbecue in Texas!" With only slight variations, you can easily expect an atmosphere of brushed steel, wood planks, hickory smoke, and country music.

But since you are only there for the food, you should know that there exists any choice of beef, pork, or chicken. No matter where you go for your experience, you can expect the variation of a spicy kick, a sweet honey glaze, or a classic hickory smoked saturation to fit your preference. When I first came to Texas, it came as quite a surprise to find at even the most elegant of events a banquet arrayed in barbecue.

Barbecue can only have success due to one of Texas' most precious assets, beef. It is a common scene driving through the state to find miles of unending herds of appealing livestock. These acres of land can boast to produce the most delicious animals in the country.

Even if you don't prefer barbecued animals, nothing beats the tenderness of a melting juicy steak in your mouth. Texas steakhouses also sufficiently dot the state. May I suggest a medium grilled sirloin wherever you choose to go, for the perfect tenderness and sufficient doneness that constitutes a perfect dinner delight.

Texas also has a lucky connection so close to the border which has given birth to a fascinating genre of food that only exists here as TexMex. The further south you travel, perhaps to San Antonio at least, the hispanic culture has authentically romanticized the food here. Warm tortillas, fresh salsa, and explosive flavors lull us away in this perfect union of Mexican style food made by the Texan grown culture.

Speaking of produce, Texas can be very proud of the acres and acres of land that serve as the breeding ground for succulent fruits and vegetables. My favorite being peaches. There is a reason that peach cobbler is best in the South.

Peaches thrive in this climate and humidity. In our own backyard we grow a large fruitful peach tree that satisfies our craving for juicy sweet peaches with each summer season. Everyone in our community also looks forward to this season for my family to bring over paper bags full of peaches to share.

Texas land and climate cannot always be described as unbearable. They bring forth the produce of the most enjoyable eating. The livestock, fruits, and vegetables, have a happy home grown here in Texas. All Texans should be proud to share with any traveller our unique culinary creations with substantial delight.

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