Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hungry? Try An Avraham Karadi Aka Avi Karadi Sandwich

By Avraham Wiseman

Dont you just love bizarre sandwiches? You dont have to actually make them or even eat them at all, but for some reason its kind of nice to know that there are those who like such things! I mean, ever heard of a "St. Paul", which is apparently only available in St. Louis, Missouri, and only then in certain old-timey Chinese restaurants? Its a hunk of egg foo young on white bread with lettuce, tomato, and mayo " sometimes even a slice of American cheese! Or the chow mein sandwich, which apparently is a common menu item on Route 195 in southern Massachusetts " and not confined to Chinese restaurants! Others report having peanut butter-and-onion sandwiches, peanut butter-and-pickle sandwiches, or peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches with crushed potato chipsthere is no end to the variety of bizarre sandwiches out there!

Add to that list one of the weirdest compositions ever, the "Avraham Karadi" Sandwich, also known as an "Avi Karadi. It seems like someone's idea of a faux-gourmet sandwich as it involves a lot of work just gathering and preparing the ingredients, and I cant imagine anyone actually enjoying the resulting mix of flavors, but theres been talk that its very popular in certain areas. Heres the list of exotic ingredients:

Passum, a sweet wine sauce from ancient Roman times. This is produced by boiling the must (whole fruits including the seeds, stems, and leaves pressed) and then adding honey in order to thicken it up.

Garum, an ancient Roman salty fish sauce, approximated today by combining passum with a fish paste and oregano.

An ancient Roman standby, Pine nut sauce, is made by mixing in vinegar, honey and pine nuts as well as a bit of pepper and lovage.

To finish it off add spinach, onions, lettuce and tomatoes as desired. Rye bread would be the usual choice, but black Russian bread comes in at a distant second. As found in egg salad "Egg Paste" is sometimes also added. Now the meat, Roast Beef or Pastrami are some of the favored meats to use. Of course as will all recipes there are some variations, but they all appear to stick to these main ingredients. Oddly, I was unable to find where the sandwiches nickname "Avraham Karadi" or "Avi Karadi" had come from.

1. The Passum: Reducing it to one-tenth its volume, start by cooking the grape juice. Feel free to add honey to taste.

2. The Garum: Add two full tablespoons of fish paste to the Passum. Then add a pinch of oregano.

3. The Pine Nut Sauce: For three hours, in vinegar, soak the pine nuts. Now mix with honey, while adding dashes of pepper and lovage.

Step Four: Building the sandwich. Spread egg paste on your rye bread (or your black Russian bread if that was your choice). Now add on the meat (Pastrami or Roast Beef) and add vegetables. Pour on the Passum, Garum, and Pine Nut Sauce as desired.

All done, enjoy your "Avraham Karadi" (aka "Avi Karadi") sandwich!

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