Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How The Picnic Backpack Can Make Your Outings More Enjoyable

By Petra A Byson

Anyone who has ever headed out on a beautiful day with family and friends to enjoy a lovely picnic either in a beautiful garden setting or perhaps upon the golden sands of a beautiful beach, will agree that lugging a heavy picnic basket is the least fun part of the outing. Thanks to the evolution of the picnic basket into the convenient picnic backpack, you can now put a simple and easy to carry unit on your back, leaving your hands free and making it much easier and more convenient to enjoy that lovely walk in the woods.

Obviously a very ingenious individual grew tired of carrying home their picnic basket and so they designed the handy and easy to use picnic backpack - a convenient invention that leaves your hands free and makes it easy to enjoy your walk in the woods en-route to your picnic destination.

There are many versions available, each one tailored to suit the individual needs and designed to meet a variety of budgets and purposes. The simplest of these is the sort that can hold a single bottle of chilled wine, a bottle opener and two glasses.

Your more high-end models will be fully outfitted with four plates, four cloth napkins, a set of four knives, four forks, four spoons, four cups or glasses and place for a bottle of wine as well as a bottle opener.

Add to this option of the even larger picnic backpacks that have cooler compartments where one can carry such perishables as soft cheeses, cold meats and soft fruits and you are guaranteed fresh, crisp ingredients when you finally lay down your picnic blanket and lay out the tasty tidbits that you have brought along.

The modern picnic backpack is constructed of sturdy, long wearing materials. Gone are the days of wicker baskets, to be replaced by state-of-the-art durable materials and careful attention to manufacture with sturdy stitching and quality finishes. Plates are crafted from durable melamine, glasses are made from high quality polycarbonates, the cutlery is high quality stainless steel and the napkins are good quality cotton.

There are a great many styles and designs available on the market today. Every colour and pattern combination is now readily available. Simple and elegant with basic colours is always a popular favourite, or perhaps your style might range towards the more vibrant, in which case you can choose from a range of colours and patterns.

Gone are the days of setting up heavy furniture or carrying half a dozen crates and a small mobile kitchen along for the day to enjoy a picnic. The entire process has been simplified by the humble and ever so useful picnic backpack!

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